Halloween Costumes – KPop and Me

I’ve always liked dressing up for Halloween. The more elaborate the better. The most recent times, I’ve been obsessed with top hats. Last year, I was the Mad Hatter. This year…well… I’ll tell you later.

The thing is, at the end of Halloween last year, I wanted to recreate VIXX’s Voodoo Doll concept. 

And try something like this…

Yes, Including Microphone skull thingy. 

So, I go to thinking what else I could try. VIXX being one of my faves has so many!


Voodoo Doll as mentioned above.

Dark angel concept.

Their recent one… 

Dark gods concept…

I suppose others could easily pinpoint other groups. And other people. 

Perfect! LOL! 


The thing is, VIXX has also done wolves…

And a Chinese thingy concept.

I really liked that!

However, back to this year’s Halloween costume. Ugh, I was hoping for something like this…

But instead I have to go in something like this…

Life just isn’t fair!!!!

However, I guess it’s better than these…

Maybe one day, I can pull off this…

I don’t think so. But I sorta pulled this one off.

Too bad it wasn’t Halloween!

On that note…

Happy Halloween!


KPOP and me – VIXX and Le Sin Set

So, ever since Beautiful Liar landed on my lap… Er… Tablet… Jung Leo and Kim Ravi had been at my fingertips.


VIXX is an addicting group to follow. Yes, I admit, I was drawn to Leo’s vocals and Ravi’s deep voice, but the boys are such fun to watch!!! VIXX TV, Plan V, One Fine Day… They’re…well…kids… Cute, handsome, worrisome, funny kids… Boys… LOL! In a big way. Then I started listening to their songs. Maybe that was a bad idea. Even more when I watched their videos. 😕 The problem isn’t that they’re bad… Nope, not at all. They become…ear worms. You just gotta listen.


This is addicting. Cutesy image and all, but damn catchy. Makes me want to do that dance they have. LOL!!!


They were younger than now. Little boys still. Hah!
Then last year they came out with the latest ear worm in my pod. Voodoo Doll.


The video is dark. The concept dark.. The dance…. Holy cow!!! Ravi crawls out from the ground then seems to pick up Ken by some invisible rope and throws him over his head and Ken somehow lands on his feet! And they do this in the live stages as well! OMG! Not only do I like… I also got my Halloween costume idea for next year!!!!


Yes , the cane… Yes the jacket… Their next offering was Error, with a cyborg kind of theme.


It’s not as much an earworm as Voodoo Doll, yet. It’s getting there.  The songs they sing, though… My effing gawd!!!
Anyway, I’m blown away by these fresh men. They’re neophytes. Formed in 2012, I believe. Their company/agency’s first idol group. I think their seniors are known for singing ballads more.  They were formed in a survival style program called MyDol – a mash up of the words “My Idol”.

You can get to know them through YouTube videos.


And if you’re looking for something new, give these guys a whirl. I don’t think they’ll disappoint.

PS… None of the photos are mine. So, credit to internet uploads and such. Not in South Korea… Not in Japan. So…. Just to let you know.

KPOP and me – VIXX LR


I was introduced to this by LJ’s friend feed. LOL! And the only reason I even looked it up was because the comment said… “Doesn’t this video smack of homoerotism?” Or something like that. Not knowing what the lyrics said, it may have been like so. However, it’s the concept of the two different facets of one man’s feelings. Yah, okay… BUT what blew me away was how Leo’s clear vocals were such a good mix for Ravi’s deep and low rapping. Even when Ravi sings with Leo, the way their voices intertwine is just incredible!
THIS! THIS! This was my high hopes realized… But it should have been this kind of pairing for Yunho and Changmin. Instead of the…ummm…well… Yeah…
AND!!!!!! Oh my effing gawd!!!!!
Do you remember what made me fall in love with DB5K, Kim Jaejoong and YunJae?
The song Doushite… Live… The passion in Jaejoongie’s voice, the clearness, the….
Well, here’s another boy who feels the music with his body… I have  looked at each live performance recorded of them singing Beautiful Liar and I am just blown away! VIXX might not be my cup of tea, but VIXX LR… Definitely!