KPOP and me – CNBLUE MinHyuk

My forays into KPop has a few notables. And it started with CNBLUE.

Arguably, I’ve always liked Kang Minhyuk. His acting is pretty good as well. Loved the song he did in Heartstrings – Byeol.  Ah… Star. It was, at that time, quite innocent and the song reflected that. But in CNBLUE, the most notable of the four members is dynamically voiced leader and lead singer Jung Yonghwa.
Then this drama came out called “Entertainer.”


Second episode in…and you hear Kang Minhyuk’s clear vocals.


I’ve always liked guys with those upturned eyes. And one reason why Kang Minhyuk was just too cute not to notice even if he was drumming in the back. 

One of CNBLUE’s songs I have in my playlist is called “Teardrops in the Rain.” Minhyuk and their other lead vocalist, Lee Jonghyun (another guy with a voice suited for ballads), sang this song. The one I have is of Kang Minhyuk. It’s entirely in English.

Lee Jonghyun’s version has the hard ESS sound as if his tongue cannot curve through the English words properly. Minhyuk’s voice though… It curves through the words just fine, giving the song what it needs… The right amount of longing, of soft echoey whispered flow that evokes the thoughts of rain and longing.

And here again, Minhyuk’s vocals shine. I cannot wait to see the next episodes of the drama.

I should note that in this particular scene when he sings, he reminded me of another KPop singer I’m currently watching. Jung Leo of VIXX. Must be those upturned eyes.

I love the boys of CNBLUE, but this one. God, sometimes, I wish this one was my son.


KPOP and me – VIXX LR


I was introduced to this by LJ’s friend feed. LOL! And the only reason I even looked it up was because the comment said… “Doesn’t this video smack of homoerotism?” Or something like that. Not knowing what the lyrics said, it may have been like so. However, it’s the concept of the two different facets of one man’s feelings. Yah, okay… BUT what blew me away was how Leo’s clear vocals were such a good mix for Ravi’s deep and low rapping. Even when Ravi sings with Leo, the way their voices intertwine is just incredible!
THIS! THIS! This was my high hopes realized… But it should have been this kind of pairing for Yunho and Changmin. Instead of the…ummm…well… Yeah…
AND!!!!!! Oh my effing gawd!!!!!
Do you remember what made me fall in love with DB5K, Kim Jaejoong and YunJae?
The song Doushite… Live… The passion in Jaejoongie’s voice, the clearness, the….
Well, here’s another boy who feels the music with his body… I have  looked at each live performance recorded of them singing Beautiful Liar and I am just blown away! VIXX might not be my cup of tea, but VIXX LR… Definitely!


Your Servant – a translation

I may not admit it
The importance of you to me
I may not think deeply about it
But in my sleep, it’s you I dream of
My thoughts may be unclear
Still I hope you will lend your ear
to the screaming of my feelings
I am your servant
Even if it’s not obvious
I’ll admit
Sometimes I’m so oblivious
Still, I hope that you would know
How much I yearn for your embrace…
I will forsake any other
Because you’re all I need
Whatever you have to say
Believe me, I’ll listen to all of it
Though we often fight like cats and dogs
Darling,  my happiness is always when I’m with you
I am your servant
Even if it’s not obvious
I’ll admit
Sometimes I’m so oblivious
Still, I hope that you will know
How much I yearn for your embrace…
Even if it seems that we’ll never reach
That impossible star
As long as you will always be by my side…
I am your servant
Even if it’s not obvious
I’ll admit
Sometimes I’m  so oblivious
Still, I hope that you will know
How much I yearn for your embrace…
Because you’re the only one
I want sleeping next to me
It doesn’t matter if the nights are cold or hot
I hope you’ll understand this message
That you are the only one I love deeply.

KPOP and me – B2AST – Good Luck


The group BEAST has come up with “Good Luck” and while I downloaded it without listening to it first, when it came out on my playlist, I was blown away.  I had thought Shadow was interesting and so it holds a track on the list.
But this song…. Wow! The English is near perfect.  (I still can’t get over their “hurt sick” in their rap.  Yeah yeah,  I know it’s ‘heart sick’… but EVERYONE in KPOP uses “hurt”.  Advice to them, use “hart” as in “harp” instead as reference to sound out “heart”. And yes, hart is an authentic English word.)
I’m just blown by how catchy the music and words are!  I had to re-listen at least five more times before I allowed the rest of the playlist to continue. Let’s just say that it keeps we awake while number crunching. Yeah, yeah it’s about a break up. But isn’t KPop like that? Anyone going through a breakup? Let’s make a catchy song!!! ‘Kay? ‘Kay!!!!
The video is pretty good.  A good deviation from “Shadow”, but nothing like G-Dragon’s C’oup d’Etat.  And I can’t tell you about the dance because it looks like all the other dances out there that I’ve seen so far.  But it’s fast to keep pace with the song.  Shadow was more visually captivating, I think as a video.  But this song deserves a listen and a space in your playlist this year.  Especially if you’re power walking.


*****Please Note… I do not own any of their images. The came from the internet. Google them.


KPOP and Me – TVXQ – Jung Yunho


The repackaged album of TVXQ, Spellbound, was ehhh. Until I came across this song. November With Love.
I’m intrigued with this song.  First off, I didn’t expect such a heartfelt ballad coming out from Jung Yunho.  Second, I didn’t expect him to sing it with such passion.  Each stressed out word was dripping in sadness.  This is a great surprise! I didn’t expect such depth to the singer.
I expected another dance tune which either makes me cringe because it’s beginning to sound so factory churned.  TVXQ’s  “Something” and the new one, “Spellbound”, wasn’t anything special.  Of course, die-hard fans would have something to say about it.  Like, I can’t hear worth crap or something.  However, in my opinion, most of the songs in the album sound like something EXO would sing.  If I can pinpoint where TVXQ’s songs are sounding like their labelmates’ songs, then that means the management doesn’t really care about the uniqueness that was supposed to be TVXQ.
Out of the whole album, this is the one that captured my interest.  Without even being translated.  The translations, unfortunately, brought more questions.  Oooops!  I shouldn’t have looked for the translations, but the emotions that dripped out of the song was too much for me to handle.  I NEEDED to know what Yunho was emoting about.  Aaargghh!  Now, ah, just like a few hundred questions came up from WWW (Kim Jaejoong’s album), this one deliciously intriguing song has got me spinning theories in my head.
Although I can only say that Yunho’s emotional voice sounded a bit like a mix of JYJ’s voices in the song  In Heaven. Ah, but it’s nice to hear him opening his heart.  The song chords are simple, but it works too good, too nice with his voice.  And the words.  Damn, boy!  Good job!  I like poetic people and the words are poetic enough.  Certainly the imagery provided by the translators were poetic. 
I hope to hear more of this kind of songs from Jung Yunho.  Either written or sung.  If this is what he’s capable of doing, I’m definitely waiting to hear more.
Now for some YunJae shippers.  Well, it intrigued me that the song was out there just a few days and someone had already taken it and made a video with YunJae spread across the song track.  I had predicted that was going to happen.  What I wanted to talk about was… Is there anyone out there who connected that November with Love is an answer to one of the songs in WWW?  I’m discarding any of the songs that Kim Jaejoong didn’t write the lyrics himself, but there are 9 other songs from that album alone that he did write.  10 if you include Just Another Girl because he co-wrote some of those words.  So which song is this song responding to?  LOL!  Let me go crazy.. Give me some answers. 🙂

Because I Listened

**** For Kim Jaejoong because of “Rotten Love” and “Just Another Girl”

Why do I find myself
looking at the strangeness
of your words
and the mystifying translations I get?
I’m looking for cracks
in that pavement you’ve written.
Absurd and crazy
looking for conspiracies,
a trace of the truth,
if there is a glimmer…
Just once I would like
to catch a glimpse
of the truth between
the sheets of celluloid.
Can there even be truth
embedded there?
I only see a thick asphalt
covering what wounds
you had once bled through…
Whatever cleansing poisons
had long ago seeped out
into the broken concrete
and parched land.
A pity.
You are slowly
maturing, emerging
into a world crazy,
insincere, tabloid
driven and exorcized;
demonic and angelic…
No one way or another…
Just the same balanced
and yet not…
We taste the stench
of rotted meat
along with the sweet
scented honey papaya
the grew in my mother’s yard…
I am still reeling
from the pain your song evokes…