Paris in Winter

We spent hours on a plane to get here… and we spent days walking and walking and walking and walking. Not only that, but my luggage was already filled to the brim and heavy… We took the metro… I warn you now… Do not take the metro with luggage that is too heavy to carry with one hand!!! Seriously! Those rollers will not help you get up and down 4-8 flights of steps where there are no elevators! Be smart and take a taxi. Yes it will be costly, but who cares? You’re in Paris!

One iconic shot, that’s all I wanted. And here it is…

The Eiffel Tower lit up for the night.

But Paris offers such places to take more…

If I was already there anyway, why not pay homage to this place, no?

Go to Paris… yes, you…and find this place… it is as it says… point zero of all the roads in France…

Notre Dame… and I didn’t get to see the gargoyles close up and personal… No hunchback either…

Climbed up the steps to see this place.. then they told me climb up another 300 steps to the dome… eh????

But the view was worth it.. even saw gargoyles…

Sunset from Sacre Coeur… Perhaps some things are meant to be seen in twilight….

The last day… it snowed… well… then… Paris… you are truly magnificent…



Heavy with the scent of snow,
a brazen fire on the brazier.
Pine and holly bough
tickle the senses;
Bright red and green
against the purest white
blinding in its delight:
This winter scene…
Red fluffy hats
against the furrowed brow
as smiles contagion grow
from brightened cheek
and reddened lips…
A mistletoe dangles from above;
Time for a kiss
to seal this winter’s bliss
within the heart…
Lost in memories
of days gone by
this is winter’s lure…
You were never forgotten,
Winter brings you…

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