The New American President and what it means

So, he won. This bigot speaking son of immigrants who chooses to think in the abstract and to degrade his opponents by calling them names. Basically, he made a mockery of the institution we call “The American Presidency.”

I’m an American. I, unfortunately, decided that he was the lesser of two evils.  But the state I live in said it was going to be blue instead of red. A very expected outcome. The thing is, this whole thing was so skewed! How did the Democrats think that Hillary Clinton could possibly run against Trump?!?! Bernie Sanders would have assured them of the White House for 8 more years! But no!!!! They gave us the worst candidate of all! So, now we have the equivalent of the Philippines’ President once before…. what’s his name?!?! Estrada! That actor who knew nothing of politics and even less of integrity! It took what?!?! Two or so presidents before the country is where it is today! Then, they voted in Duterte… 

Well, now, at least, when Duterte calls President Trump a “sun above bits”, Trump can really get down and go ghetto on that “sonafabitch”. 

However, all that aside… The working poor, after the election, still had to wake up, go to work and put in the hours so we can pay the taxes that will provide for all of the existing former Presidents and this incoming President elect. 

And we still have to live in the same country we slept in the night before, except things have changed a bit. The followers of Mr. Trump now think they are above the law, that somehow the laws no longer apply to them. Apparently, common courtesy also is gone from these people. Now it is okay to openly sneer at anyone with chinky eyes, dark skins, and openly harass those of a different religion and obviously originated from the Middle East instead of Europe. And this has made people fear. Quite a lot are now thinking about moving to Canada. So many of you, in fact, that the Canadian Immigration website crashed! Seriously?!?!

First, those who are immigrants and became naturalized citizens, if you want to go back to the hellhole you escaped from in the first place… Go right on ahead!!!! Please feel free to do that! I hope you bring back the American ideals that somehow permeates into the marrow of anyone who has lived here for even a short while. I hope you will want to work within that country of yours and try to make it almost or even better than the America you knew. And leave my country because obviously, you never considered this land your land. Nor did you embrace its lofty ideals and its people. 

And to the rest of you… Here is where I stand. I am an immigrant. Naturalized as a young child. Still, I know no other home, but here. I am an American and I freely choose this country as my own. I willingly choose to uphold its lofty ideals and its highest standards. I will fight to remain here and to protect this country. And I suspect that there are many who feel like I do.

In the face of such uncertain times and uncertain circumstances, I believe in the integral goodness of the American people. I believe that a majority of you will not look at the color of my skin or the religion I chose or the sexual orientation I happen to be born in. I believe that most of you would stand up for the rights of others as well as your own. I believe in the honor of the majority of Americans. You want to know why? Most are my friends, my family, my co-workers, my church members, my association members, my club members.

Trump is right, America! It’s time to make America great again! And we have to do it at the individual levels. We have to make sure that our fundamental rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution that our forefathers created are not taken away, eroded, diminished. This is your wake up call, America! You have enjoyed so many years of freedom, not knowing the suffering, the sacrifices, the lives given so you may enjoy those rights. You have taken them for granted, this peace, these rights, these living conditions… With Trump in office, now is the time to take up the dusty mantles our forbears have left for us and fight. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Fight for the rights of the future!

Fight for those who cannot fight!

Fight for the rights of all of US! 

Fight!!! Because it’s our turn! 

Teach your children to fight for their rights! It’s not too early to start. It’s not too late either! Start now, start tonight! 

Do not be afraid, America! Do not fear! Face the future with a bright smile and to have courage! We are Americans! We are resilient people! We will not fail the promise we have given to uphold the lofty ideals of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights!

As thanks to those that went before us, we will not allow the privileges fought for to be lost. Not during this administration, not ever…


KPop and Me – Rant about The Night Watchman’s Journal

I cannot believe how they used the character of Moo Seok!  I’m trying to wait until I see the next episode to see if he somehow comes back to life, if Moo Seok does, but how they used him was so… anticlimactic…it was a HUGE disappointment.  I could not contain myself!
No, it’s not because I’m a Yunho bias.  Hell, if you read my entries, I’m more likely to shoot him down than raise him up!  But after the crying over his sister scene, Moo Seok had developed into a character easily relatable.  I blame the writers of the drama.  They did not think the whole story through.
At the beginning, they tried to make Moo Seok into a learned soldier.  That didn’t pan out.  Then they showed incredible scenes of Moo Seok training himself, the raw power of the warrior evident in each frame.  (Okay, it seemed like they were pandering to Jung Yunho’s fans, really.)  But I have always praised the fight choreographers.  With all the build-up of Moo Seok being this warrior soldier loyal to the king, the writers didn’t even allow him to die a death worthy of one?  I mean, he could have at least been given that chance to fight with someone!  He just gave up, for the love of the king who betrayed him.  Wow!!!!!  Does that even make sense?  Would a warrior really go down like that?  If that was me, cold blooded as I was, my dagger or ninja stars would have found its mark on the head of Park Soo Jong.  Then his henchman can kill me, but I would have eliminated one of the enemies of my lord king.  THAT’s what a warrior does!  Not effing give up and allow myself to be killed like so, for no other reason than because a stupid king ordered me.  I’m a warrior, dammit!  I will die fighting.  Stupid writers!!!! 

They wasted the potential of THIS…..


For the stupidity of THESE…



But, okay, I’ll give Jung Yunho credit for making the emotions come out of Moo Seok.  To the end, he gave his best.  Even though that first how many episodes made me doubt his ability to act AT ALL!!!  He just looked like he had botox shots and so his face was… frozen. But these last scenes made up for that.
Thank you for the enjoyable show, dude, but writers, seriously.  You wasted a perfectly good character.  I think you need to reevaluate your understanding of warriors.  Because of what I know of them, they would not give up like that.  That was a wasted death. WASTED!!!!!

KPOP and me – YunJae – a rant



This portmanteau of Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho’s names seems to evoke many emotions.  Is it because the world sees in them the modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet?  Or as it were, Yunmeo and Jaeliet?  And their parents and companies the ones that drive them apart?  SMontagues and Capulets-Jes?  My God!  It actually works!  Not that I’m saying C-Jes was the monster of a parent here.  For the Yunmeo and Jaeliet scenario, this works.  🙂
What is it about the two that makes one think they belong together?  What did we see that says they should be together?  Was it those looks?  That hug in MKMF 2008?  Oooh, I swear, I still get goose bumps looking at that particular clip!  It’s one of my favorite images!  Was it the shy, “I love you, Yunho…” from way back in the day instigated by one crazy kid named Shim Changmin? The way they always seem to live in each other’s pockets?  Or the gentle way that Yunho smiles at Jaejoong or the bright smile Jaejoong seems to get whenever he’s around Yunho? Or the awkward, ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ question that flits over Jung Yunho’s face as he contemplates feeding Kim Jaejoong with a skewered treat? Was it the skinship? I don’t really know.  But, try as I would like to, I do not see them with anyone else.   I’ve read so many accounts from YunJae shippers and those that disagree.  I’ve read many articles on “Are they?  Aren’t they?” line of questioning.  And watched many videos.  Too many. What is it about Kim Jaejoong’s sad songs that makes me think it has to be about Jung Yunho?  Or that the one and only song that is legitimately acknowleged as Jung Yunho’s own composition and lyrics, “November with Love”, has to be an answer to one of Kim Jaejoong’s emotionally charged other songs?
And those fan fictions!  Holy crap!  Okay, some of them are a little far-fetched even for me(MPreg?  Man, I wish that was true, but seriously?), but the others…  Oh, hell!  I feel like I’m reading about their lives in many dimensions and across time and through the folds of the tesseract (Note:  This is from a Wrinkle in Time.). Albeit they are infused with the limitations of the author’s own culture and experience (some are soooo limited that you can only roll your eyes at them. I mean, waiting until marriage for THAT! Does U-Know Yunho and Hero Jejung really look like the kind of people who would wait until after marriage?  Especially in Korea?  Well, right on, then…). 
(An aside:  There is one LiveJournal site that I really like.  Wish she’d update her story ‘Love in the Ice’ faster.  Beeswaxing is a fan fic writer with an interesting prose.  She has a story called Sleeping Beauty in which Jae gets pregnant (MPreg).  And while this really doesn’t mesh with my idea of okay, she writes the story so prettily that even I can believe in this alternate universe.  Her other verse of ICE and The Tattoist, those two I really liked.  Couldn’t put it down!  I think I had stayed up all night reading them that I only had two hours sleep in one day and went to work still!  Needless to say, I took a 30 min nap during lunch.)
Then there are the fan service other “pairings” out there, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why these “pairings” do not sit well with me.  I do not care for HoMin.  Or JaeChun.  Why?  Because I see these pairings as more brotherly than anything else.  But YunJae or even JaeHo, these two, I can definitely see them as a romantic pair.  So reading about Changmin and Yunho getting married in a fan fic makes me wrinkle my brows.  Same thing with Jaejoong and Yuchun getting hitched.  I sometimes feel like I’m breaking out in hives.  I totally cannot understand why these kind of stories bother me.  It’s fiction, right?  But the images of the people are just not correct together.  At least, in my limited mind they aren’t, which is probably why I cringe and break out in hives. (Which is why I apologize to beeswaxing.  I CANNOT read The Trophy Wife verse.  Two of the pairings that make me break out in hives is there!!!!  JaeChun and HoMin….  It makes me cringe just thinking about the dynamics there… Aaarrgghhhh!  Surprisingly, I was okay with MinSu in the ending of The Tattoist.  Although I usually don’t see them as paired as in my head, Yuchun and Junsu pairs quite well.)
And why is it that even now after 4 years of not being together, there is that niggling hope (perhaps it’s just me) that somewhere, sometime, in some way, these two would find their way to each other in that romantic way and not as ‘brothers’ and ‘best friends’?  Or that if it’s not in this lifetime, they’ll somehow find each other again in another one with a happier ending than what is given them now?  But in this lifetime, why is there a feeling, that having met each other, Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho will never be whole without the other?  They’ll go through the motions of living, but within themselves, there will be a void no drink, no other person, no pursuits can ever fill.  And that, while we all go through it, seems like such a tragedy.  That these two souls that seem fated cannot come together because of emotional baggage, the ways of the world, and the society in which they find themselves in. 
But really, why?  Why do they seem to go together like white on rice?  Like ketchup and hotdog?  Like hamburger and fries?  Like coffee and cream?  Like hot chocolate and marshmallows?  They’re okay alone, but better together.  No, wait.  Together, they seem much more special, more than the sum of their parts. 
And so why?  Why is it that this particular pairing seem to linger in fans’ minds?  What is it about the two of them together that seems soooooo… I don’t know… right?  I’d like someone to answer.  It’d be nice to know, because for the life of me, I don’t know, but I can’t seem to look away either.  Why are they so fascinating together?  Is it because we speculate as to whether they’re together or not?  If they were together or not?  I mean, there’s HoMin and I don’t give a… about that pairing… There’s SiChul? That pairing and I don’t have any inclination to read about them or find out about this.  Although Siwon looks very good and certainly, Heech is a very pretty man, still… There is nothing like YunJae in KPop that I’ve come across.  What the hell are they?  And why do they seem so perfect together? And why are they so perfect that they inspire crap loads of stories and pictures like the one above?

The Filipinos – Some Information


     I was asked to interpret for a client a few days ago. My profile at work has it that I was fluent in the Philippine language. I have other languages that I know, but they are not considered my proficient ones. So we go to the client’s house. The client’s granddaughter came. She is third generation born here. Fully American in thought and language. Grandma, the client, was at the hospital. I thought to ask, since it would be helpful, if Grandma spoke Tagalog – the ubiquitous Philippine language that everyone knew of. However, Grandma didn’t. She spoke Ilongo.
     I have met people who spoke Visayan and not a lick of Tagalog. I have met Ilocanos who could not speak Tagalog one whit. But at least, they spoke some English. Ilongo, I have not countered yet.
     This is apparently a little known fact about the Philippines. That there are so many dialects and languages that sometimes communication is difficult. Tagalog is the language of Manilenos. People who are living in Manila. Tagalog is taught throughout the entire country’s school system along with English, that is, if you are able to afford school. But the older generation of Filipinos in America sometimes require some interpretation skills beyond just Tagalog.
     The country had too many tribes with their own influences and cultural mores. The Ilocanos, to which, thankfully, my own family has relations, are more influenced by Malay tongue. Their words are closer to Indonesian than the heavily Spanish influenced Tagalog. Tagalog is infused in Visayan so I can understand some of that dialect and infer some of the lost words. I learned some Gaddang, but not enough to converse. I only know “Mallabbat Kepay!” which means “It’s freezing cold!”
     Even among the Ilocanos, there are those that ‘sing’ the language. Their lilting sing song voices, soft and gentle. The Ilocano I know is hard and drops like hail. It’s like Mexican Spanish to Spain Spanish, if you get what I mean. Tagalog, on the other hand, is smooth, even.  Visayan, is a little of both. Sometimes, though, I have this feeling that it’s a bit…unrefined. There is a certain brashness to Visayan. Tagalog, for the most part, is polite. Well, there is a certain diction that render it an air of politeness. It seems to me, that when Visayans speak, the politeness is discarded. I’m sure there are more dialects than these. We have the Itnegs, Ibanags, Kapangpangan, Negritos, Tauseg, Igorots… Let me stop there.
     Which brings me to the point of this rant. Just because they are Filipino does not mean they all speak the same tongue. It’s probably good to know which one they speak. Ask next time! They might surprise you.
Now then, when someone asks you, “Do you speak Pilipino?” You can counter, “Yes, which dialect do you speak?”