A Feast of Peaches

Lush if that is the preference

When before the deity stands

A heart, a soul

A yearning for a forgotten

A timeless, a lifetime’s

Unquenched Memory

A prayer sent, a plea

A bargain, a deal

For grace in groves of peaches

In sweetness, in intoxicating

Rivulets of dreams

before the garden

Before the feast

When we in the company

Of immortals gaze

Into eternity…

RhB 20191408 0815A


There used to be motion

Endless notions


Stirrings of everything

That could have been possible

There used to be flowing

Between ideas and creation

Wafting of verdant imagination

Of tales untold bursting

At straining seams

Then life took hold of limited space

Filled with responsibilities

And upward mobilities

Social climbing

Regardless of rising ages

And failing faculties

And at this pinnacle

Or deep deep valley

Standing still or sitting

The air is still,



Like the flow of ideas

And gravitational motivation





0412P 20190701 RhB

Of Religion and Death

I think the Christian side of me
Is warring with the Buddhist side of me
And even in that sector
Zen and Tibet does not communicate
At least the Muslim side is quiet
For it is praying towards the east
And my Hindi side went home
The Jewish side has not spoken
To my Greek Orthodox side yet
And if all things are considered
The Druids have gone
and taken me the druid way
Into the foothills of my youthful worship
Of Greek and Roman Bacchanalia
And out into Faerie we had landed
Next to Thor’s Hammer and Odin’s Eye.
Had I mentioned the Shinto side yet?
It resides with Chado and Tao Te Ching
Though the Art of War was more instructive
To my desire to be constructive
I haven’t recovered from the warring state left
By my Confucian side.
I’m ready to throw it out!
Totally confusin’!
And the extremist side of my Christianity
Comes head to head with my heart…

If only Muhammad had talked to Buddha
And memoed Jesus or even Facebooked them
My real self would be peaceful here.
But no!

I’m packing my bags for the universe
And getting off on a star
And if Kunlun is anywhere near
I’ll see Lono and Kane there somewhere
Lyr should follow and Oberon, too.
Cerridwen, Athena, and Kim Junsu…
I need Dracula and Hades
And shinigami Death
For only he levels the playing field…
Religions and everything bows
At his relentless, inevitable pursuit.
They all lie prostrate at his feet
Bargaining, begging for more time.
If there was ever a one truthful god
It is he that reigns over the end of it all…

Ah! Death and all his comrades
Ride on!!!!
We are stuck playing charades.


The Call of Lono


In ancient paths I travel
To the circles of the Makahiki
To the blue of wind and water
To the wilds of Hawaii
And on its shore he calls for me
In chanting rhythmic drums
Of falling rain
And on its shores he welcomes me
With leis of wafting fragrance
And falling rain
Ancient mele come and sing
The praises of the king
Ancient hula sway and swing
To the rhythm of hearts beating
O, Lono, come and answer
Come and hear their prayer
Grant for us the life giving water
Grant this, our long ago father
Lono calls us to the dance
And gives us our chance
To feel the life of once before
And take our peace like that of yore
In ancient kapu grounds
Mele and hula sounds
Drumbeats all beckon
To our secret wild abandon
And set our spirits free
From being you and me.

RhB 20120108 0848A

Inspire Envy

I want to walk down the street
Not so much in the latest fashion
But that the way I walk turns heads
And inspires envy instead
I would like to meet with famed people
Not so much for their status
But for the smiles that we would share
And somehow inspire envy
I would like to leave eloquent words
Not so much for the fame and fortune
But for the way my thought and mind
Would create and inspire envy
I would like to capture one rich moment
No, not so much for the adulation
But for the way fortune had smiled
And touched me and inspired envy
I want to  smile with each person I meet
With confidence and curiosity
That in doing so
I could simply inspire envy
And I want to love in a grand way
That people stop and stare
And come away with this feeling
We , you and I, have inspired envy
RhB 201402050909A

I Heard…

I heard that you’re hurting
You let me know of your pain
A one liner of an email
And I didn’t know what to do
My heart hurts too
It hurts for you
And I’m at a loss…
I wish that I was by your side
That I could cradle you in my arms
And lend you my shoulders
And keep you from harm
I wish that I was holding you
As you cry yourself to sleep
And shadow your every move
As you watch your family weep
And then let go of the hand
That needs to be strong for others
I can only convey my wishes here…
I am sorry for the pain
That life has thus inflicted
I am sorry, too
For the chasm
That you and I
Dare not bridge…
If all I can do
is cry your tears for you,
then that’s what I’ll do…

RhB 20142803 0650A
For Li Shang of Mulan fame 🙂