This should always be their smiles. I’m happy to see this. Really. Six years of them not being seen together and then they share a presentation. Wow! Have I said it enough?!?!  This. This is a Yunho I know. Not the other. This is a happy boy. And that… No criticisms… Let me bask in the happiness of seeing them together. I hope there will be more interactions that we can see.
DB5K!!! Rock on!
Credit to the website that had this!!!


A Spill of things TVX2


So, I was reading through the list of Yunho’s songs on his new album,  U-KNOW Y.
I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that one of the titles was “Tattoos and High Heels.”  Well because I know of a certain tattooed person with a height complex.  Not that the person is very short, but the person is rather shorter than… erm… Yunho and his current partner.  Just saying. 
Now, looking for translations to this song has not been forthcoming yet.  And I have no idea what it’s saying.  I don’t think that he’s the one who wrote the lyrics either so I can’t gauge his… content.  But the title totally made me laugh.  Totally.  July 8th as well… Is there a significance?  How about SOMEONE’s 100th day?    Let’s not get SOOO obvious, right?
Ah.  And considering that Jaejoong had put out a mini album before titled Y as if asking a question.  Is this Yunho’s answer… U-KNOW Y.  The thing is, when it was just Jaejoong’s mini album.  We wondered if Y meant “Yunho”.  Because after all, he had first put out “I”. I’m not the only one thinking this either. I’ve seen the pictures of Y and U Know Y juxtaposed next to each other.

So, since we’re on it.  Viki has uploaded episodes of “I Order You”.  While the character that Yunho plays is a jerk (and he plays the jerk well enough), I can’t help but think… “What do people see in this guy?”  I mean face wise.  Something about his face is NOT handsome!  And he’s gained weight, which is why some of the comments were about watching his ‘man-boobs’ more than watching the show.  I noticed that he was more… pudgy in the MV teasers for his first song “Burning Down.”

I think this is his most comfortable role yet… still though, he’s unable to distinguish between when his character is supposedly acting.  His character is brusque, cold, abrupt that even his subordinates slink away after a certain look from him.  But yet, there are moments when he’s sweet (because he’s acting nice).  Now, the problem is that usually when someone does this, there is a tell… a small knowing smirk and not a genuine smile.  So, this part, innocent Yunho probably does not know of and cannot properly convey.  Lady killer he probably is not, despite the tabloids.    Jang Dong Gun could play this role real well, I think. 
However!!!!!  The girl’s reactions in this show covers up this subtle acting foible.   And she does great because the reactions are over the top!  And that’s what keeps me watching.

Although, I swear, I don’t understand why a lot of people say he’s good looking.  At a certain angle, I guess, but when you’re faced with him like that… I don’t know.  He’s just not…  Daniel Day Kim.  Or even Kim Woo Bin. I think that Yunho looks handsome in profile. Full on front and center… Ummm…
The eyes… Yunho’s eyes when he smiles genuinely… Yes.

I think it’s personal preference.  I don’t think JYP is good looking either.  Too much alcohol and tobacco has totally ruined that… 

There are plenty of HANDSOME South Korean actors.  Jang Dong Gun is one.  Lee Phillips also.  And some of their leading men are just… boys next door, good looking sort of, pretty ordinary, run-of-the-mill cute.  Just not devastatingly handsome.   
I’m not even poking at the idols because they’re mostly younger generation.  I’m waiting until they fill out and become men.  Although the boys of 2PM could possibly be contenders there.  Kim Woo Bin is definitely HANDSOME, hands down! 

Then there are the pretty men.  Pretty.  Not Handsome.  Jang Geun Suk is pretty.  G-Dragon for all his brass is pretty.  TOP is Handsome, but still… young… nothing like James Bond (think Pierce Brosnan).  Seungri… he’s the boy next door.  Taeyang is the boy next door that is handsome beyond belief.  He could be the one that makes all the girls in the youth group sigh.  But he’s an approachable handsome. 
Jung Yunho… sometimes, he is handsome… depending on who takes the pictures. 
I hate to say it but he was much more handsome juxtaposed against a pretty member… and it’s not Changmin.

Now, Changmin… hmmm… He’s not handsome either.  He WAS cute.  He’s grown into someone… ummm… I don’t know… He’s grown cold.  There is a certain coldness in Changmin that wasn’t there before.  And it hasn’t dissipated.  The mischief is still there and the know it all attitude.  But when he stands alone or even with Yunho, there is a certain coldness in his demeanor.  And not even his beloved hyung Yunho can take it away.  Now this role in “I Order You” Changmin would be able to pull off the subtleties more so than Yunho has.  Either way, it’s a learning experience for Yunho. 
I think that Changmin is a much better actor than Jung Yunho.  Although Changmin can’t really dance as fluidly as Yunho. 
Am I obsessed with Jung Yunho?  Yes.  And Kim Jaejoong. 
Maybe if they came out like Nate Berkhus and Jeremy Brent I wouldn’t be so obsessed.  However, I see something that others are telling me is not true.  Huh.  So, I keep watching them for signs of… well… letting go… and I haven’t seen it.  Not yet.  Even if they get married for eff’s sakes to girls.  I don’t think I’ll see the kind of… oneness… of wholeness… as I’ve seen when YunJae was together. 
I know I criticize Yunho a lot.  Perhaps because I see the potential.  And I’m waiting.  And waiting.  What am I waiting for?  Who knows!  I’ll know it when I see it.  It’s not that I even hate the boy.  It’s not that.  Maybe I’m a… tsundere.  Ha ha ha!  I’m teasing the man I happen to like to the point that he cries.  LOL!  Yunho’s crying face does garner loads of love, after all.  I just didn’t like the context in which they dropped religiously in TNWM’s journal.  BUT really, that was the writer’s fault and not Yunho who was just doing as he was bid.  I hope.  🙂

The thing is, I like Kim Jaejoong.  Him, I don’t criticize as much.  Then again… what can I criticize about him?  He’s seriously a pretty man.  With Triangle… oooh… he became… WOW!!!!  So, Kim Jaejoong I treasure.  After all, his voice, angry or sad is just too… emotionally expressive.  It draws you in. 
Jung Yunho, I tease. 
If he improves, Yeay!!!!  And if he doesn’t, I’m sure I’ll be that much more disappointed.  I really do have high hopes for Jung Yunho.  I really am a tsundere to this boy, ain’t I? 
The news states that Changmin will be enlisting soon before the end of the year, so that after two years, there will be a comeback of the two.  Do you really believe that? 
I don’t know.  I don’t think so.  Two years is a long time.  When is their contracts up?  Did they sign up again?  I’m wondering.  TVXQ is SM’s current cash cow.  EXO for all their hype isn’t as lucrative as TVXQ even in their reincarnated state as a duo.  But with both of them gone in the military, EXO will start filling up the gap.  There is just one thing.  There are not as many teenyboppers as there was once in SK and Japan.  China is lucrative, but with EXO’s Chinese members dwindling… well…
The economics of K-POP is incredible.  And requires the cooperation of the country’s political machines.
In the meantime, while I’m waiting for all of them to come back as 5, I’ll go and polish up my shooting skills.  I have yet to take the bow and arrow out of the box.  LOL!  Now, where do I go and get some hay bales for targets?  And because I’m evil like that, I’ll need a necessary target.  Whose face should I put up? 
Park Shin Hye.  Don’t ask me why.

He Cried

I read the news that Jung Yunho cried during a concert in Japan. Now, he was feeling emotional, it is reported, because it will be the last concert they’ll do with Japanese fans for a long time. Considering that his enlistment date hasn’t even been told by SM, really?  And this happened just days after Kim Jaejoong went in…

Not one to speculate… Okay I am… But isn’t this a little too coincidental? No access to Jae for 21 months… That’s gotta be lonely…

KPOP and me – Dong Bang 5hin Ki possible Reunion 2014?

Did I read that right?!?!?! Really?!?!? The news says that Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Jung Yunho, and Shim Changmin are scheduled to appear at a premiere on November 24, 2014. However, knowing how things like these go, I think we won’t see them. They will not meet. Most likely, TVX2 will find that they had another appointment to keep.


However, if…. IF!!!! they do meet, then November 24th, 2014, will be a game changer. Of course, that will depend on HOW they all face each other.

BUT!!!! If they do meet, oh my Gawd!!!! Cassiopeia will all be screaming idiots…

However, the ramifications of such a thing will mean two things…

One, it was okayed by SME.

Two, it was okayed by ALL FIVE members.

Then we can start concluding that SME is paving the road to having the FIVE GODS being on stage together again. And/Or they are paving the way to allowing Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin to co-star in movies, dramas, and musicals with award winning movie actor, Park Yoochun ,as well as his two incredibly name dropping
friends, Kim Jaejoong and award winning theatrical actor,  Kim Junsu.

I have always believed that there is more to the story of these 5 gods breaking their family apart than whatever is said in the media. And I have a niggling feeling that it’s more than slave contracts and unequal distribution of profits. Nor is it blind loyalty and traitorous agendas on any of their parts. There is something missing that we are not privy to. And their case is so uniquely different from all the other litigation cases filed against SME. So, I wish someone would go to SK and do some deep undercover digging because there is something there that doesn’t sit well with me.

Either way… I’m waiting with bated breath for news on November 24th… Did they or did they not??? How does it go again??? Hesso annesso? Or something like that… LOL.

JYJ! Fighting!!! TVX2 please go… It can only do your image and SME’s image good. And considering that their stocks have gone down lately, this act of *AHEM!* goodwill can only bring in more profits. After all, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin are in their late 20s, soon to be ready for the military. And SME’s younger acts aren’t garnering as much attention… TVX2 are still garnering attention, but their time as a duo is almost coming to an end. There has to be a next step. And something SME and TVX2 members are going to have to figure out.

KPop and Me – Rant about The Night Watchman’s Journal

I cannot believe how they used the character of Moo Seok!  I’m trying to wait until I see the next episode to see if he somehow comes back to life, if Moo Seok does, but how they used him was so… anticlimactic…it was a HUGE disappointment.  I could not contain myself!
No, it’s not because I’m a Yunho bias.  Hell, if you read my entries, I’m more likely to shoot him down than raise him up!  But after the crying over his sister scene, Moo Seok had developed into a character easily relatable.  I blame the writers of the drama.  They did not think the whole story through.
At the beginning, they tried to make Moo Seok into a learned soldier.  That didn’t pan out.  Then they showed incredible scenes of Moo Seok training himself, the raw power of the warrior evident in each frame.  (Okay, it seemed like they were pandering to Jung Yunho’s fans, really.)  But I have always praised the fight choreographers.  With all the build-up of Moo Seok being this warrior soldier loyal to the king, the writers didn’t even allow him to die a death worthy of one?  I mean, he could have at least been given that chance to fight with someone!  He just gave up, for the love of the king who betrayed him.  Wow!!!!!  Does that even make sense?  Would a warrior really go down like that?  If that was me, cold blooded as I was, my dagger or ninja stars would have found its mark on the head of Park Soo Jong.  Then his henchman can kill me, but I would have eliminated one of the enemies of my lord king.  THAT’s what a warrior does!  Not effing give up and allow myself to be killed like so, for no other reason than because a stupid king ordered me.  I’m a warrior, dammit!  I will die fighting.  Stupid writers!!!! 

They wasted the potential of THIS…..


For the stupidity of THESE…



But, okay, I’ll give Jung Yunho credit for making the emotions come out of Moo Seok.  To the end, he gave his best.  Even though that first how many episodes made me doubt his ability to act AT ALL!!!  He just looked like he had botox shots and so his face was… frozen. But these last scenes made up for that.
Thank you for the enjoyable show, dude, but writers, seriously.  You wasted a perfectly good character.  I think you need to reevaluate your understanding of warriors.  Because of what I know of them, they would not give up like that.  That was a wasted death. WASTED!!!!!


Jung Yunho versus Jung Yonghwa.  The Night Watchman’s Journal versus The Three Musketeers.  Both period dramas set in the Joseon period of SK’s past.  And while the ratings (they say) favor TNW’sJ, I personally like T3M better.


From the beginning, Jung Yonghwa was incredibly good.  I mean, how do you portray anger all the while being somewhat polite to the crown prince of the country?  The mutinous stubbornness came out very well.  With the barely there politeness.  The man expresses a myriad of emotions just by his face.  The disappointment, the courage, the bravery, the hope, and the dashed hopes.  The genuine wish to do good, the humility, the desire to persevere, the continued quest to do his duty although it has never been explained what it was precisely.  I can go on and on about Jung Yonghwa’s acting.  I have so far watched up to Episode 5 and can’t wait for the rest.  The writers, the action choreographers, the directors for T3M were all incredibly the best.  The flow of the story seems to be going well.  Park Dal Yang is in good hands despite the adventures that awaits the poor young man.
Jung Yunho on the other hand seemed to struggle with the facial expressions necessary for his role as a cold man.  Surely even a cold man can muster up a glare as it is incredibly useful for intimidating enemies.  And when he needs to assess a situation, surely a contemplative air could be produced.  Since he glares so well on magazine spreads and all, I would think this is something that comes naturally now.  However, he was incredibly stiff.  Sadam could give him pointers on how to do it.  So would the Prince. 


We are now on episode 15.  He seems to have unwinded from the stiff facial expression he showed at the earlier part of the drama.  The shift seemed to occur when he poured out his heart and cried at the scene of his sister dying.  Jung Yunho transformed into Moo Seok overnight!  Or so it seemed.  You could see the contemplative frown that mars his face when faced with a situation that concerns the Prince and the Do Ha.  You can see the concern, the narrowing of eyes at the thought of something that doesn’t seem right, and you can almost read the confusion at something he has to fight without being able to see.  Had the floodgates of emotions opened up Jung Yunho?  I hope so.  I hope that he can powerfully portray Moo Seok to the best of his abilities.  One that usually graces the pages of magazines Jung Yunho models for, hawking clothes.  He needs to dive deep into the murky waters of his feelings to be able to convey everything the character keeps hidden or tries hard to control. 
The minister’s daughter is so… clichéd a scorned woman.  Aaargh!  It would have been better if she wasn’t in the picture really, for she is really distracting.  I’m sure they’ll figure something for her to do, but right now, she’s annoying. 
I’m still rooting for the villain and the sword smith.  Two men on opposing ends of the eventual fight.  I know they’ll both die.  Because the blacksmith’s days are already numbered.  It would be a super surprise if he makes it to the end of the drama.  And for sure Sadam will die.  After all, good must prevail. The question is how and will the drama end with his death? 
The story seems to drag really.  I mean, this is supposed to be about Night Watchmen, but it’s only now that the formation of the group comes around.  The writers are incredibly…slow… in developing the story.  I guessed that the little lady is really the prince’s mother.  They could have cut out all the extraneous factors here and there and still have had a solid story.  Of course, having Mook Seo crying earlier on would probably have developed the character’s persona much faster. 
The delivery of lines still need work on Moo Seok’s part.  He needs to make it come out just a tad harsher.  His character is of a warrior after all.  He needs to work on his brusqueness.
However, they did change Yunho’s costume from clean and tidy to something that can get dirty.  Oooh… Okay, Jung Yonghwa still rocks the look better than Jung Yunho, no matter how you look at it, but I’m liking the new fighting Jung Yunho in dark, raggedy clothes.  He definitely looks more… approachable… Moo Seok as a warrior knight fighting for the good of the people.  Did they read my criticisms?  I wonder.  Even so, it’s a nice change.  Moo Seok, hwaiting!  I’m looking forward to more of this from Jung Yunho. 



While I’m critical about the writers of TNW’sJ, I am enamored by their fight choreographers.  There are still too many scenes with Moo Seok practicing alone, and he’s not even the main character, which makes me wonder if this is not some Jung Yunho fan who is producing this.  It’s a possibility, but I would prefer that they all have equal warrior practice solo shots each time.  Not that I’m complaining for Jung Yunho practicing alone is much like seeing him dance.  The raw power the man puts into his moves is evident in those solo scenes.  It’s just not conducive to the story. 
In the end, I’m still following both dramas and am really happy to see Jung Yunho FINALLY developing the character of Moo Seok and letting his emotions show through his character.  And please, Jung Yunho.  It’s not time to be polite when you’re under the lights.  Glare at your perceived enemies.  Sadam should feel just a little intimidation from your talks with him.  It feels as if you fear the man so you can only say politely, “Don’t sway the King.”  Wasn’t that supposed to be threatening, though?  I didn’t see any threats.  Narrow those eyes and glare, let your nose flare up just a little.  And speak through clenched jaw.  Especially when delivering threats.  And make the disappointment show when the King wants nothing to do with you.  Hell, raise a supercilious eyebrow, clench your jaw and let that vein tick when the Prince is being a brat.  I’ve seen you do it before. 
This is Moo Seok.  Cold man who keeps his emotions tightly under wraps, but he’s still human.  And coldness is still an emotion.  Everything is expressed through the eyes and eyebrows.  For heaven’s sake!  I thought for a while there you have had botox injected into your face and that’s why there was no facial expression.  You were like a robot!  Practice, dude, practice!  Supercilious eyebrows, really!  It’ll do your character a world of good.  Sadam seems to have gotten the hang of it.  Ask him. 
Jung Yonghwa, I don’t even know what to say.  Keep up the good work.  And believe me, I’ll blast you if I think you’re not doing your job right.  Or if your genius slips.  I’ll be here ranting and raving about it.  I leave Park Dahl Yang (D’Artagnan), my favorite character in the book, into your capable hands.  Don’t let me down!
Until then, I’ll go enjoy the latest episodes of T3M and TNW’sJ.  I can’t wait to see if Jung Yunho masters the art of intimidating the enemy with one arch of an eyebrow.  Should I come to SK to show you how it’s done?

KPop and me – Night Watchman’s Journal – so far

Okay, I started watching this because of Jung Yunho. Episode four now. And this is what I’ve learned. How to seduce a man, how to make him want it (me), and how to make him want to keep me. And who gave me such advice? The villain in the series.


This guy. One of the most interesting villains I’ve so far seen. World Domination is definitely a villainous enterprise and this man is like a chess player. He’s gathering his pawns one by one. And this is only episode four!

The next character that intrigued me is the blacksmith.


Just how does he enter the stage of the drama? Didn’t he die that night of the queen’s death? But, OMG! That scene where he’s shirtless by the forge!!!!  I think my microchips got fried!!!!

So, I’ll keep watching to see these guys and learn more strategies from the VILLAIN!

Oh, yeah, the girls. Ummm… So, we already know there’s two girls and two guys. We know the prince will get a girl… Since Yunho isn’t the prince… Will he get the girl at the end? Hmmmm. I dunno. But I know the villain already found his other pawn! The Girl! One girl only has eyes for the prince. The other one only keeps looking for her dead sister. Seriously?
Yeah yeah… Here’s Yunho being… erm.. Well…Yunho, I guess… With a sword… Nice choreography!!! If only he’d just do a lot of action and looking cold, we’ll be fine. Why couldn’t his role be… Urm… Mute… He looks so nice flying in the air, dark eyebrows clanging together with the sword… Etc… Oh, hell… Someone else do write an ode to the man’s eyebrows.  Here’s Jung Yunho being…Jung Yunho.


His character so far is…effing boring! He tries to act like a scholar, which the prince calls him out on. LOL! The problem is, the way he delivers the lines…they’re a little…ummm…flat. He should have waved his hands a little, scowled down the crowd of weirdos… Fire the damn writer! She/he is making Yunho into an idiot! BUT!!!! He comes to life in the action scenes. The battle with the king, practicing on his own… It’s only when he delivers the lines that it becomes… Hell if I know. Is that Jung Yunho? Or is that the character? I think the problem here is Jung Yunho himself. The character Jung Yunho is such a powerful persona that no matter what role he takes on, this boy cannot overcome what he has created out there. So, I have a feeling we will be watching Jung Yunho playing at being a guard in the old times. Will we remember the name of his character? Probably not. You’ll remember that Jung Yunho once played a historical role with incredible fighting choreography that I want to see more of.
PS… What are all those artistic shots of Jung Yunho’s face reflected on the sword for? You’d think this was an ad for swords or something! Stop that and let his abilities come out! I’m getting the feeling that the cinematographer has a Yunho bias. Oh, and if the writers and directors are actually reading this… Let the boy get dirty. Blood here, a bruise there…ya know? He’s too nerdy and clean! Even the prince is more interesting at this point!!!!