Halloween Costumes – KPop and Me

I’ve always liked dressing up for Halloween. The more elaborate the better. The most recent times, I’ve been obsessed with top hats. Last year, I was the Mad Hatter. This year…well… I’ll tell you later.

The thing is, at the end of Halloween last year, I wanted to recreate VIXX’s Voodoo Doll concept. 

And try something like this…

Yes, Including Microphone skull thingy. 

So, I go to thinking what else I could try. VIXX being one of my faves has so many!


Voodoo Doll as mentioned above.

Dark angel concept.

Their recent one… 

Dark gods concept…

I suppose others could easily pinpoint other groups. And other people. 

Perfect! LOL! 


The thing is, VIXX has also done wolves…

And a Chinese thingy concept.

I really liked that!

However, back to this year’s Halloween costume. Ugh, I was hoping for something like this…

But instead I have to go in something like this…

Life just isn’t fair!!!!

However, I guess it’s better than these…

Maybe one day, I can pull off this…

I don’t think so. But I sorta pulled this one off.

Too bad it wasn’t Halloween!

On that note…

Happy Halloween!


Garden and Food

I bought something like these during the holidays last year.

These are Japanese garnet yams. Inside are bright yellow yummies. Well, when they’re cooked. Unfortunately, I didn’t cook a few.

And over the winter, they sprouted. So, in the spring, I tosses them into a pot outside my kitchen.

And they grew into these. Well, instant veggies! I take the tender tops and some of the young leaves and wash them.

See, those pretty greens? They’re just like spinach! Today this is lunch. Yam leaves and oyster mushrooms cooked with instant bowl ramen. 

Ah! Completely satisfying!

So, if the yams you bought from Thanksgiving starts to sprout, plant them in a pot and harvest the tender tops and some leaves! 

You can also toss them into pasta! 

Music: Sting

My love is a flame that burns in your name  ~
 ~ Would North be true~
~encircled you in trenches and barbed wire~
~the moon’s a fingernail and slowly sinking~
~how will she know if I’m damned or I’m free~
~There is no monopoly in common sense on either side of the political fence~
~…blood will flow when flesh and steel are one…~
~… whatever the sweetest wine that I’ve tasted…~

 When did I start liking Sting? 

It started when I was in High School.  So, it must have been Fortress Around your Heart.  With his character as Dr. Frankenstein in “The Bride.” 

Although he was first known in The Police, I wasn’t too into The Police besides Wrapped Around your Finger and Every Breath You Take.  Their famous Roxanne wasn’t something my 10 year old self (at the time) wanted to know about.  LOL! 

But with Fortress Around your Heart, Russians also came in.  And my heart went to Sting and haven’t left.  He has throughout all his years of music made some of the more versatile songs that I have listened to.  In so many languages.

Fragile, I think, is his most translated work. 

Off of the top of my head, Fields of Gold, Dessert Rose, Ghost Story, English Man in New York, Why Should I Cry for you, La Belle Dame Sans Regrets, I’m Mad about you….

That one… had me searching the internet for a Spanish version because I could have sworn I heard it in a Spanish version.  I was wrong, it’s Italian! 

Fragil is the Portuguese version of FragileFragilidad is the Spanish Version of Fragile

I also like his Shape of my Heart, I love the Jazz pieces he does.  Cuenca Solas, Whenever I say your name…. this one song became a dedicated song.  I don’t dedicate too many songs.  But this one, one person comes to mind when I hear this.  And that will always be that person’s song.  I think in all the years I’ve been alive only four songs I’ve listened to became dedicated to someone in my life.  Passing or not.  Oh, I forgot… five.  There is that one song that when I hear it… I think of THAT one person… The title is “Gives you Hell.”  Not exactly a nice piece. 
Back to Sting, Valparaiso
Around the late 80’s I discovered DUNE… and what did I see?  Sting!  In all his gorgeous glory!!!  Okay, he was muscled and my goodness!  I didn’t quite fall in love with the man, but that was interesting! 
All the songs that was compiled in Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994 is hands down my favorite because it compiled all of my favorite tracks.  Although I wish Moon over Bourbon Street was in it.  Why are his songs so FASCINATING?
Why?  Perhaps because of the way he phrases them.   It’s like he’s telling a story.  You see the West Wind moving through the fields of barley, the ships in the distance, the rising and rolling of waves, the dog star…  The mines he’s laid, the battlements…   Who the heck even knows what the hell that is?  How about that formal dance floor, do you see you dancing in a waltz around Sting in the song “When we Dance”?  I could. 
I have yet to find someone who has this style of songwriting.  The fact that his songs are influenced from world music, but grounded in Jazz and Rock is too cool for me.  And perhaps because he was first an English teacher, the way he phrases his song lyrics are too… beautiful.  Poetic.  Flowing like a river.  Flowing like the wind around, lifting, carrying you into the world that Sting knows. 

Under the dog star sail
Over the reefs of moonshine
Under the skies of fall
North, north west, the Stones of Faroe

Under the Arctic fire
Over the seas of silence
Hauling on frozen ropes
For all my days remaining
But would north be true?

This, I think, is the appeal of Sting.  What the hell is the stones of Faroe again?  No, it’s not Stonehenge.  And just in case you guys are still unsure about the Dog Star, it’s Siruis.  Yes, there is a star called Siruis.  Not the satellite radio thingy.  It is the brightest star in the night sky.  People around the world navigated by it.  They called it the dog star, the wolf star, the bear star, etc.  Its rising marks the “dog days of summer.”  And you thought all those myths from long ago had no purpose.  Sting found one! 
I hope you feel a little Sting tonight or today.  My thoughts, start with Fields of Gold, then segue into Ghost Story, calm down with the Italian version of “Mad about you,” take a trip with Fortress Around your Heart, become introspective with Fragilidad, and take a dip with Valparaiso, and finally end with Whenever I say Your name.  I would drink some sweet wine and think of that special someone.  And just because, you should also think about listening to Englishman in New York with Why should I cry for you. 

Because really…
I’m an alien, I’m a legal Alien should go with “I loved you in my fashion….” 

By the way, that line reminds me so of a line in a poem called Cynara.  “I have been faithful to thee, Cynara!  In my fashion.