KPOP and me – CNBLUE MinHyuk

My forays into KPop has a few notables. And it started with CNBLUE.

Arguably, I’ve always liked Kang Minhyuk. His acting is pretty good as well. Loved the song he did in Heartstrings – Byeol.  Ah… Star. It was, at that time, quite innocent and the song reflected that. But in CNBLUE, the most notable of the four members is dynamically voiced leader and lead singer Jung Yonghwa.
Then this drama came out called “Entertainer.”


Second episode in…and you hear Kang Minhyuk’s clear vocals.


I’ve always liked guys with those upturned eyes. And one reason why Kang Minhyuk was just too cute not to notice even if he was drumming in the back. 

One of CNBLUE’s songs I have in my playlist is called “Teardrops in the Rain.” Minhyuk and their other lead vocalist, Lee Jonghyun (another guy with a voice suited for ballads), sang this song. The one I have is of Kang Minhyuk. It’s entirely in English.

Lee Jonghyun’s version has the hard ESS sound as if his tongue cannot curve through the English words properly. Minhyuk’s voice though… It curves through the words just fine, giving the song what it needs… The right amount of longing, of soft echoey whispered flow that evokes the thoughts of rain and longing.

And here again, Minhyuk’s vocals shine. I cannot wait to see the next episodes of the drama.

I should note that in this particular scene when he sings, he reminded me of another KPop singer I’m currently watching. Jung Leo of VIXX. Must be those upturned eyes.

I love the boys of CNBLUE, but this one. God, sometimes, I wish this one was my son.


The Drama of a Setting Sun




Three different views of the same night sky.

The drama of the first and second, I think is emphasized by the juxtaposition of the dark shadows of pine and fronds.
The camera is better, even though its only 5mp. 😊

KPOP and me – Kdrama – Misaeng – Incomplete Life


I was at a loss when TNWM’s J AND T3M ended.  And being at a loss couldn’t find another thing to fill it.  I suppose laundry, dishes and stuff like that could have filled that two hour time slot in every week of my life, but eh… I tripped upon Misaeng.  Im Siwan.  I wasn’t really thinking that I’d like it.  And surprise!
Perhaps it was the philosophical nuances that Jang Geu Rae infuses into the work.  Wait, wait.  I meant, the writers.  I want to read the webtoon now.  Hah!  I’ll have to look it up and see if it’s close to what was placed in the webtoon.  But this is what I mean about the effectiveness of writers.  The story is truly well built with instances of philosophical thought thrown in.  I was so impressed because the writers had used the game of Go to make a philosophical statement about life.  It’s interesting that when I researched Go, it was primarily a chess game.  Although with rules, this is more like a war game.  Probably why I thought the series (I’ve seen 13 episodes so far) so closely resembled the teachings of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  Or Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings.  I think there may have been Bushido in there as well.  And Lao Tzu’s Dao De Ching. 
“A path is not just where you’re walking, but where you’re walking in order to move forward. A path, which you can’t move forward on, is not a path.  A path is opened to everyone, but not everyone can have that path.” 
“I have to think that I didn’t work hard enough and that’s why I am here now.”
The characters are so complex!  They’re not cartoony and they’re not glossed over.  I mean, there is a dark undertone to this work, but Oh, my LORD, GOD!  It’s very human.  Up to the 13th episode, I have seen the mistakes they do, the prejudice they experience, the painful transitions they go through. 
The first episode threw me for a loop.  Here was Jang Geu Rae chasing after some dude, speaks English pretty well, then flies into the air like a bird and…. We’re transported to him washing the walls of a sauna.  And going to intern for a company.  The tailspin had me spinning.  What?!  Huh?!  What happened?  It was only later that I realized and didn’t care even at that point that the beginning scenes is most likely the ending of the story.  And here we are seeing how the story began.  Ooooh… nice premise! 
I praise the writers or adapters of this drama.  I hope the next episodes prove to be just as entertaining and mind-gasmic.
No, I have no Im Siwan bias.  I only got to know him through Triangle as Yeongdal’s brother.  I can’t rate the acting.  As of now, Im Siwan’s Jang Geu Rae is ignorantly innocent and morose – a fledgling who is uncertain.  He’s got that part down pat.  I’m waiting to see how his character develops from this point on.  I am however praising his boss and his boss’ underling.  Oooh.  Such good acting!  The range of emotions shown is incredible.  I’m like a worker in the office unsure of what I’m going to come back to with regards to this boss.  When Oh Sangsik is remorseful, you see it in his body stance.  When he’s restless, it seems like his chair doesn’t sit still either.  But when he’s thinking and depressed and feeling like… whatever… ah you see it.  You feel it.  And when he gets angry, it’s like a volcano.  I can’t stop watching, but I want to cower under a desk as well. 
So praises for this drama.  There are only a few that I’ve really liked from beginning to end.  I hope this one lives up to my expectations.  Idol actors notwithstanding.

KPop and Me – Rant about The Night Watchman’s Journal

I cannot believe how they used the character of Moo Seok!  I’m trying to wait until I see the next episode to see if he somehow comes back to life, if Moo Seok does, but how they used him was so… anticlimactic…it was a HUGE disappointment.  I could not contain myself!
No, it’s not because I’m a Yunho bias.  Hell, if you read my entries, I’m more likely to shoot him down than raise him up!  But after the crying over his sister scene, Moo Seok had developed into a character easily relatable.  I blame the writers of the drama.  They did not think the whole story through.
At the beginning, they tried to make Moo Seok into a learned soldier.  That didn’t pan out.  Then they showed incredible scenes of Moo Seok training himself, the raw power of the warrior evident in each frame.  (Okay, it seemed like they were pandering to Jung Yunho’s fans, really.)  But I have always praised the fight choreographers.  With all the build-up of Moo Seok being this warrior soldier loyal to the king, the writers didn’t even allow him to die a death worthy of one?  I mean, he could have at least been given that chance to fight with someone!  He just gave up, for the love of the king who betrayed him.  Wow!!!!!  Does that even make sense?  Would a warrior really go down like that?  If that was me, cold blooded as I was, my dagger or ninja stars would have found its mark on the head of Park Soo Jong.  Then his henchman can kill me, but I would have eliminated one of the enemies of my lord king.  THAT’s what a warrior does!  Not effing give up and allow myself to be killed like so, for no other reason than because a stupid king ordered me.  I’m a warrior, dammit!  I will die fighting.  Stupid writers!!!! 

They wasted the potential of THIS…..


For the stupidity of THESE…



But, okay, I’ll give Jung Yunho credit for making the emotions come out of Moo Seok.  To the end, he gave his best.  Even though that first how many episodes made me doubt his ability to act AT ALL!!!  He just looked like he had botox shots and so his face was… frozen. But these last scenes made up for that.
Thank you for the enjoyable show, dude, but writers, seriously.  You wasted a perfectly good character.  I think you need to reevaluate your understanding of warriors.  Because of what I know of them, they would not give up like that.  That was a wasted death. WASTED!!!!!

KPOP and me -Jung Yong Hwa – The Three Musketeers

Just the first episode and Jung Yong Hwa has captured my interest. Is there anything this boy can’t do? He portrayed the innocence and naivete so perfectly, I wanted to throttle his father. Then his ignorance, his honorable though simple ways, the crestfallen look as he was told that his reason for going was gone, the resolve he had to do the best for his love, then that last surprise at seeing who his benefactors were… Damn! The man had grown from his You’ve Fallen for Me drama. Though I had grown an aversion to Park Shin Bye at that time. Don’t Ask! It’s irrational, I know, but damn!!! Ah, I should have known he could pull all those emotions out one by one from Marry Him if You Dare where he played the chaebol to perfection and then turned into a regular guy for her. Ah!


And he doesn’t look half as bad doing all these horseback riding and the bow and arrow. Gawd! Where’s mine? He makes me want to go out right now and practice the bow and arrow as well. I am not allowed to wax lyrical on his handsome features. Someone in the household has laid claim to them. Why do they make them look like porcelain dolls? And all throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but notice his red, red lips. Cupid’s bow. Hmmm. (Seriously, because he’s not standing next to Kang Minhyuk, he shines very brightly.) The man is seriously talented! I have often fallen in love with his lyrical compositions. But watching him grow as an actor! Wow! That’s definitely all I can say. Action, line delivery, body, emotional content, facial expressions – he’s got it all! I seriously cannot wait to see all 36 episodes of this series!


Let’s not forget the other three. The Three Musketeers as it were. They are seriously quite…fun! Their natural comedy are delivered naturally. This is an interesting writer, director, cinematographer, and fighting choreographer.  The lines are delivered as if they happened in everyday life. There was dust on their clothes and sweat on their brows. I rather like this cast and how the writer has chosen to incorporate comedy as it happens in real life. We’ve got action, comedic relief, and drama all in this package. Yes! Definitely a drama to watch!!!!

The KDrama app on your android tab will be your best friend. DramaFever is great with their selections, but with how they embedded so many commercials into their contents, it’s become cumbersome. I still watch dramas in DramaFever that KDrama has not yet acquired, but the new ones are appearing on KDrama. 

Ah! For those who are choosing between this and Journal of the Night Watchman, I hate to say it, but I’d watch this one instead. It has made me laugh, want to strangle a father, slap a woman, kick that no good purse snatcher and sooth a confused innocent boy all in the space of one hour. BUT I’m not you. I can watch them both on different days! Thank you internet and translators!!! I love you! And free drama apps!!! 

KPOP and Me – Kim Jaejoong and TRIANGLE


I’m hearing a lot of buzz concerning this drama. Wow! They say he’s transforming himself into tough guy mode. Huh. Didn’t that start when he put out I then WWW? I hear that besides the 3 brothers angle, there’s also the love story triangle. I wonder if they’ll use Just Another Girl for that scene when Jaejoongie’ s character gets rejected and he cries’ after drinking the whole store’s worth of soju.  Doesn’t that happen too often? However, I’m looking forward to this guy. Hopefully, we see the same emotionalism that was shown in Dr. Jin. Can’t wait to see just how bloody they’ll make the man. They said it will be his last drama before he leaves for service. Damn. Hope he leaves us with memories that lasts through two years.
The drama stills already provides us with downloadable material. Here’s my favorite. This was taken from JYJ3 website.