Garden’s Fleeting Beauty

It’s stormy here in Northern Cali. The weather isn’t stable. The wind gusts sometimes, the rain falls sometimes, the sun shines sometimes. But the garden, weedy, in need of care, and sadly neglected has decided to send me love. 

Last year, I planted one rosette. This is now a small tree. Okay, very low bush thing. 

The English lavender sent out bloom spikes, not yet ready to harvest, though. 

Not sure what these are called, but I hope it keeps spreading to become a ground cover. I’ve been waiting years for it to spread. 

But the irises, these come up, year after year. This time, I managed to capture a photo that reminds almost of van Gogh’s painting. 

All too soon these guys will fade. And my garden will return to their derelict looking truth. I should spend more time in it. I really should. 

I should move these to the backyard. Soon. And the bamboo. Since they flowered, I’m unsure if they’ll come back to life soon. I hope so, I miss their stately grace. 

Beauty for the Beast

Can you be beauty to my beast
And let me entertain, at least
How beastly this fair face can be…
Can I be beast to your beauty
And ungainly coax your pity
Bestow upon my lips a kiss
Perhaps we’ll find love’s bliss
But oh, I have not asked yet
If you can be my beauty
I am such a beast, my pretty
I take anything I deem worthy
By stolen means or naught
Please be the beauty to my beast
Tame my wild heart, my pretty
Or allow me leave to feast…
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A/N: part of the Fairy Tale series