Garden and Food

I bought something like these during the holidays last year.

These are Japanese garnet yams. Inside are bright yellow yummies. Well, when they’re cooked. Unfortunately, I didn’t cook a few.

And over the winter, they sprouted. So, in the spring, I tosses them into a pot outside my kitchen.

And they grew into these. Well, instant veggies! I take the tender tops and some of the young leaves and wash them.

See, those pretty greens? They’re just like spinach! Today this is lunch. Yam leaves and oyster mushrooms cooked with instant bowl ramen. 

Ah! Completely satisfying!

So, if the yams you bought from Thanksgiving starts to sprout, plant them in a pot and harvest the tender tops and some leaves! 

You can also toss them into pasta! 


Asian Chives Experiment

I bought some garlic chives and didn’t realize…these were growing in my yard!!!! LOL!

How is it that I have them growing is beyond me! Oh, wait. I threw a few seeds in ONE pot a few years ago. Now four pots later…

However, still not enough for a good stir fry. 

Got the recipe from the internet. Then twisted it to my taste. 

Shrimp, stir fried with Asian chives and oyster mushrooms. No need for garlic as the chives lend their garlicky kick right there! These are crunchy and delicious! 

Heat oil in wok, throw in shrimp and stir fry until slightly pink. Throw in chives and stir fry a little, throw in oyster mushrooms, pour out four tbsp of oyster sauce, a dash of black pepper and it should be done. But the addition of sesame seed oil makes it more. And just for a bit more heat, a twisting pinch of red pepper flakes. 

This was dinner last night. 

Someone told me about niratama. Hmmmm and I just escaped the Asian store with some Garlic chives buds… My… Perhaps tomorrow. 

Cold Soba Noodles

While waiting for the rice for Geo’s dinner..

This is deep fried Salami with tomatoes and green onions.

I decided to try an experiment. 

And the ingredients for my feast? Here you go.

Enoki mushrooms, cooked soba noodles, daikon, one green onion, Asian chives, two leaves of nappa cabbage and store bought soba sauce. 

The Asian chives is oniony. Since it was fresh. It lends a different taste from the green onions. A little more metallic, I think. 

The nappa cabbage was slivered and quite perfect.

I should have shaved the daikon with a peeler and chopped it from that taste. The piquant spice from it is refreshing in the noodles. 

I think slivered green mango or green apple would have enhanced the experience. 

Barring that, some juicy crunchy Asian pear. 

It was delicious nonetheless. You’ll see me experimenting with Asian chives and soba noodles for a while. 

I did sprinkle some furikake over it. Delicious!!

A Quest

Since the years have been advancing, I have this thing about nostalgic things. And so, I have been searching for, of all things, a clay pot. Nope, not just any clay pot, but one made of black clay within which you can cook delicious foods. 

One that looks like this. 

The proper term from the internet is “palayok” from the tagalogs. I just knew it as “banga.”

Of course, the companion stove that SHOULD come with it would be nice, too. But it’s heavy as @#$%&, but beautiful nonetheless. Would make a great outdoor kitchen for such as I am. And this one I knew is called “dalikan.”

Obviously, the pictures aren’t mine. They look like photos from some museum. Considering the many many places where terracotta wares are coming from, I don’t understand why these particular ones are just lost in the good old’ US of A!

Even in Filipino infested California, there is nothing! A dearth of these beautiful black clay pots exists here! It’s making me crazy!

Really! Why can we have Italian pottery for our gardens and nothing about the “burnay” that I had scooped cold water from in my childhood? Or where the “bagoong” (fermented fish sauce) was stored?

I bet these have fish sauce fermenting in them now. If not basi vinegar. 

I want these things! Where can I find them? You really think I’m gonna ferment fish sauce in those things? Hah! But they’d be great at catching water during rainy season for watering the yard!

If we get stuff from China and Japan, and Balinese pottery makes it here to the US, why can’t I find these three?  Maybe someone can point me in the right direction as to where I can get my hands on a few pots. 

KPOP & me – Kdrama “The Entertainer”

In the drama, the band is called “Ddandarra Band.” Literally, the Entertainer Band. And I have not stopped laughing and crying. The romance is minimal, but Man!!!!!!! The bromance is overflowing!!!!


Kang Minhyuk was the reason I looked up the drama. And in the second episode, I remembered why I fell in love with the little boy. No longer a boy, but still…. His voice is still soooo honest… clear…. beautiful. And he shines as Jo Ha Neul.
However, his band mates are just as precious!!!
You will fall in love with each of their individual stories. Generally a story of a life gone wrong and the corrective steps taken to right a series of wrongs. A great fairytale in short… Still, do not watch without a box of tissues. You will cry each time one of them cries.
You will also wish you could adopt all of them. Including the wayward president of Mango Entertainment.


You will definitely fall in love with these four dorks. Really!!!

The thing I love about these actors are that they make me forget who they are and allow me to watch them as the characters they portray. And that’s why I loved watching this.
The next pictures are more of the four! None of these are mine. Credits to those that took them!!!! Go watch!!!! Dramafever has it!









Why am I not as important
As that which I carry?
When did I stop becoming
A human being?
What have I been so far
That you would curse me
Abandon me And kill me?
For the sake of a tumor
A node, a thing within
That for the life of me
I cannot yet comprehend
This awful portend
Of things changing
A mistake made
in a backyard alley
Lust filled and quickly hasty
There was no thought of tomorrow
And here, I lie amongst you
Broken, trampled on…
Bleeding in a sewer
Because you blocked my path
To getting proper care
And instead pushed me
To a quack with a hanger
In yet another dingy alley…
Was my life of such little worth
That it was sacrificed
For the one I can no longer
defend against all of you?
I had hoped for better
Among people I grew up with
Surely I, too, had a right to life.
Choose life, choose me…
Allow me the choice to live as well…

RhB 20122208 1103A