River of Sand

You are the ocean

I stand, the forest

Greening I am

In my own world

You swimming blue in yours

Nothing stands

‘tween you and I

Except this river of sand…

RhB 20171211135P


Opportune Moment

It was hot, that day we stopped in the jungle. The air was fetid, burgeoning with some unvoiced expectation. The sun was overbearing and the clouds uncooperative. The air swarmed with mosquitoes and other flying insects. It was noisy with the calls of jaguars and clay. Still we trudged through this and for one fleeting second, I was able to stand in awe. One second to capture this moment… As if there was only me and the world followed in my wake. Jaguars can wait, this could not.

Chichen Itza, you are indeed magnificent! The temple of Kukulcan. Believe me, there were plenty of people teeming around its expanse. But this was taken quite quickly. It turned out quite nice.

I brought home with me the spirit of the jaguar. And every so often, I let it roar just like I have heard in this magnificently haunted place. It is quite fun to scare the dogs with it. Hahaha!


It’s busy in my household. No, wait… I’m busy… It started in 2016… No, wait… Yeah…

It was the Italian trip in January, followed by the China trip, with Christmas in Vegas. Then I was told to go back to school. Ah. I also accepted a promotion. So…. everything just went into hyperdrive and It’s suddenly December again!!

I have yet to post something on Comic-Con from 2016!!

And forget my passion for cooking! It’s been instant noodle bowls for the most part. Or take-outs!

I hope by Christmas I can post a few more stories about my current life ed-ventures. Ah, such is life…

KPOP and me – LOST

I was listening to my rotation of Korean Pop songs on the phone. And one came on and for a bit there, I thought it was Big Bang… But it’s not. It’s ‘YEY’ by Beast. And it made me wonder… has the KPop songs become too same?  There is a reason why I gravitated towards KPOP. Because, I felt the American Pop songs currently playing were so the same I couldn’t tell one high pitched singer from the other. They’ve lost their soul.
And I’m wondering if that’s happening to me for KPop as well. I find some notables, but that’s far and few in between. Some days I revisit old loves like James Blunt and Savage Garden. And most times, there is FEVER from Adam Lambert.
Currently, Crooked, Naram Barabwa, Just Another Girl, Jung Joonyoung, Kim Jaejoong… just the old standards. So, yes! I’m getting old. But how I wish I could hear some really good ballads soon. Like Sting.
I hope to discover someone fresh again. Someone I could get immersed into listening to. It seems I’m getting bored. A pity.

Halloween Lesson

This is what a father did for his daughters.


The reason I share it with you is because they wanted him to be a princess like them today. I am proud to be an American because today, he won’t be stoned, spat on… And I won’t be the one to put him down or ridicule him. Today, he put on Snow White’s dress because he wanted to be there for his two princesses. That was worth it to him. And to me, that was beautiful.