Cold Soba Noodles

While waiting for the rice for Geo’s dinner..

This is deep fried Salami with tomatoes and green onions.

I decided to try an experiment. 

And the ingredients for my feast? Here you go.

Enoki mushrooms, cooked soba noodles, daikon, one green onion, Asian chives, two leaves of nappa cabbage and store bought soba sauce. 

The Asian chives is oniony. Since it was fresh. It lends a different taste from the green onions. A little more metallic, I think. 

The nappa cabbage was slivered and quite perfect.

I should have shaved the daikon with a peeler and chopped it from that taste. The piquant spice from it is refreshing in the noodles. 

I think slivered green mango or green apple would have enhanced the experience. 

Barring that, some juicy crunchy Asian pear. 

It was delicious nonetheless. You’ll see me experimenting with Asian chives and soba noodles for a while. 

I did sprinkle some furikake over it. Delicious!!


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