Citrus Experiments


This is what happens when you leave RhB with time on her hands and episodes of 2days1night under her belt.
This was the yuzu farm episode.
I saw how DefCon and Junho made Yujacha and wanted to try. Unfortunately, a dearth of yuzu is over my little town….Oh, what to do?
Someone brought a great deal of sour huge kumquats to the church and voila! Kumquat cha!!!! Why not, right? I’m just hoping that I put enough sugar to the mixture. It is currently… Fermenting…
I would love to try this with calamondin. So, friends and family with a tree…. Can I get like a tub full? Just a small tub will do….
I will let you know on Saturday how it tastes like.☺

Update: the “tea” or cha actually tastes like warm lemonade. Very delicious!


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