Citrus Experiments


This is what happens when you leave RhB with time on her hands and episodes of 2days1night under her belt.
This was the yuzu farm episode.
I saw how DefCon and Junho made Yujacha and wanted to try. Unfortunately, a dearth of yuzu is over my little town….Oh, what to do?
Someone brought a great deal of sour huge kumquats to the church and voila! Kumquat cha!!!! Why not, right? I’m just hoping that I put enough sugar to the mixture. It is currently… Fermenting…
I would love to try this with calamondin. So, friends and family with a tree…. Can I get like a tub full? Just a small tub will do….
I will let you know on Saturday how it tastes like.☺

Update: the “tea” or cha actually tastes like warm lemonade. Very delicious!


What would you

have me do

With the discordant notes


Within the echoing

walls of this

Abandoned hue

of blue

Where would you

have me throw

The vestiges of home

grown berries

Left rotting in this

discordant garden

We once walked through

And somehow


Around the harrowed


That we had called

our own

Or the shadows

That linger

Where your hand

Once touched

The counters of



Now awashed

In frosty

Dusted snow

And I think about the mess

You left in the kitchen

The sink crying

Dripping in its


The silence is


I cannot think

And my bones

Have turned into


Like the peanut butter and jelly

Still stuck

In the fridge

Besides the mayo


Like the garden

In abandoned want

Disarray you had left

My life in tatters

Sinking into some kind of

Discordant arrangement…


RhB 20160102 900A