Dinner Lesson


I love kale! Well, I love the baby kales. I love all of them, but my favorite has got to be the lacinato. Baby kales come in different kinds or breeds. And if you’re observant, you’ll pick up on it. Most of them are tender. Like the one at the bottom of the plate. There is another one that is medium hardiness, but it goes bad in the fridge real quick, turning yellow pretty fast. The lacinato is sturdier, darker, firmer than all the others. And even when it’s swimming in soup, makes for a good crunch.
Maturne kale is okay, too, but the babies! Delicious!!!


My dinner tonight is baby kale (not the lacinato) sautéed with oyster ‘shrooms and beef kielbasa. No salt needed for the kielbasa gives the dish the perfect saltiness. No oil needed either. Perhaps a sprinkling of red pepper flakes to wake up the palate, but over all.. Simple and filling dish for this cold night. Perfect with fresh cooked hot rice.


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