Clear Day

I have never seen a depressing day
As bright as this…
Where clear blue washed over
The darker grey
I had hoped for today…
Is there no clouds to hide my tears
No darkened sky to shade my broken
Darkened, melancholic, mistaken
Feelings that somehow spill
Into this bright ugly day?
There is not shadow ‘neath this
Unrelenting sun, drying all
Dying all, preying call
Relentless in the sunbaked
Hardness of this unyielding clay
I fall…
Not on softened grass of green
Not on softened muddy sheen
But hard, hard heated hell
Of dust and decay
And I should just feel
my bones and my skin peel
from the fire that burns within…
shame… pain of broken heartedness
sharp sharp knives of sun
of blue blue skies
like the color of your eyes
when you said it was over…

RhB 20152210 0305P



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