This should always be their smiles. I’m happy to see this. Really. Six years of them not being seen together and then they share a presentation. Wow! Have I said it enough?!?!  This. This is a Yunho I know. Not the other. This is a happy boy. And that… No criticisms… Let me bask in the happiness of seeing them together. I hope there will be more interactions that we can see.
DB5K!!! Rock on!
Credit to the website that had this!!!


2 thoughts on “Wow!!!!!!

  1. In my opinion, the way was prepared by Yuchun’s words, singing the old songs with tears in the last concerts of JYJ, too many “coincidents” in many stuffs between JJ and YH or others things. As a JYJ’s fan I’m going to admit the facts, if JJ (or all JYJ) is happy and no more tears. We’ll see what happend in the future. It’s hard for me to forget what happend to them (under that SM and after), but, as I said, if they are happy, I’m happy, in whatever they’ll do.

    • Hey, Danny… I’ve been criticized for bashing Yunho. But I really love them together… I think they can reach greater heights in their careers together than apart. But that’s just my opinion. Yuchun has been making loads of teasing. I mentioned a few in my posts. Ah, I have high hopes of seeing all five standing together now. Those smiles… I haven’t done much but bask in their delight for days. Reality will intrude, but it is clear to see that they had interacted with each other way before this. There is no harsh feelings. There has been forgiveness. And for Yunho’s father perhaps… Some reluctant acceptance.

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