This should always be their smiles. I’m happy to see this. Really. Six years of them not being seen together and then they share a presentation. Wow! Have I said it enough?!?!  This. This is a Yunho I know. Not the other. This is a happy boy. And that… No criticisms… Let me bask in the happiness of seeing them together. I hope there will be more interactions that we can see.
DB5K!!! Rock on!
Credit to the website that had this!!!

Blank Space

Starting in a few hours, I will be in a retreat. No phones, no clocks, radios, no music!!!!!! Ugh!!!! But music is my church!!!! The singers my preacher!  Not even a place to write. For four days… I will be in a blank space….
What to do???? Fill up pages with snippets???? Poetry snippets??? Random thoughts??? Need pen and paper. MUST PACK!!!!!!😈😄😢