KPOP and me – Kim Hyunjoong

In Defense of the @$$


I know a lot of netizens are angry and pissed at the guy.  I don’t doubt he’s an @$$.  Believe me, I already know.  But he’s a product of the society that he lives in.  The girl, too, is a product of the society she lives in.  Now, I understand
exactly how bad the girl must have it for him.  And so the cycle of DV is enacted again and again.
However, this latest debacle of getting pregnant and saying it’s his kid and the daddy telling her to have the kid get a DNA test, etc.  I’m sorry, I’m really on his side.
Here’s why. 
First, I have to wonder why the eff she went to the media over a DV breakup which she didn’t press charges on. If you’re going to be dragged through the mud and raked over coals, you better be damned angry as eff. 
And once you express it out in the media, there should be no going back. 
Yeah, yeah, you love him, etc, etc.  But exposing that and yourself to the media is basically a free fall.  I wouldn’t have gone back to the bastard. 
Otherwise, I would have pressed charges quietly.  And if the media got a hold of it, good.  If not, then it’s on him, yeah?  And the chance we got back together wouldn’t be so…ugh…ugly.
He admitted to one incident of abuse.  When they were together.  Then they broke apart and that’s when she went to the police station and filed a complaint?  I’m a little wary about things like these. See, the old adage of ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is very appropriate here. This makes women hella scary.

He’s an @$$.  He admitted as much.
Then she got pregnant.  And she again went to the media because the pregnancy came after they again had broken up.  Then SHE won’t do a DNA test on the kid?  If it was really KHJ’s kid, I would have all the authentic papers and such ready so there is no question he’s responsible.  Why deny that?  You’ve gone that far, what’s this one step left?  And for her to refuse it, wow!  I would say she has something to hide and good for KHJ that he does not bow to the pressure especially if it’s not his responsibility in the first place. 
Because if I were in his shoes, I’d be asking that question. So go to an independent lab. Go to a reputable one. One that I can’t effing influence. I want one, too. A lab you, effing witch, and your effing lawyers can’t influence. That’s all!!!
What she’s doing is the oldest trick in the book. Holding on to him by using a kid. If I were her, I would say, “Eff you! Bastard! Kiss my goddamned ass!” Besides, she’s done the worst she could possibly do to the bastard! Labeled him as an abusive muddereffer!

I may not like what he did, but I’ll tell you now, I wouldn’t pay for the child either without a DNA test.  Especially if I even have an inkling that the child could possibly have been created while you and I were apart.

I wouldn’t have said nothing about this at all, either, because I am not one of his fans. And despite him being friends with Kim Jaejoong, I never liked him. But the girl, seriously… Get over it, girl! Either submit a DNA test already and end this stupid posturing because your stance keeps him in the limelight. And he just really needs to like… Fade away…


3 thoughts on “KPOP and me – Kim Hyunjoong

  1. Thank you for being so honest. I am a supporter of HJK. I appreciate that your not a fan, but I also appreciate the fact that your article may allow other non fans to keep an mind.

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