KPOP and me – VIXX and Le Sin Set

So, ever since Beautiful Liar landed on my lap… Er… Tablet… Jung Leo and Kim Ravi had been at my fingertips.


VIXX is an addicting group to follow. Yes, I admit, I was drawn to Leo’s vocals and Ravi’s deep voice, but the boys are such fun to watch!!! VIXX TV, Plan V, One Fine Day… They’re…well…kids… Cute, handsome, worrisome, funny kids… Boys… LOL! In a big way. Then I started listening to their songs. Maybe that was a bad idea. Even more when I watched their videos. πŸ˜• The problem isn’t that they’re bad… Nope, not at all. They become…ear worms. You just gotta listen.


This is addicting. Cutesy image and all, but damn catchy. Makes me want to do that dance they have. LOL!!!


They were younger than now. Little boys still. Hah!
Then last year they came out with the latest ear worm in my pod. Voodoo Doll.


The video is dark. The concept dark.. The dance…. Holy cow!!! Ravi crawls out from the ground then seems to pick up Ken by some invisible rope and throws him over his head and Ken somehow lands on his feet! And they do this in the live stages as well! OMG! Not only do I like… I also got my Halloween costume idea for next year!!!!


Yes , the cane… Yes the jacket… Their next offering was Error, with a cyborg kind of theme.


It’s not as much an earworm as Voodoo Doll, yet. It’s getting there.  The songs they sing, though… My effing gawd!!!
Anyway, I’m blown away by these fresh men. They’re neophytes. Formed in 2012, I believe. Their company/agency’s first idol group. I think their seniors are known for singing ballads more.  They were formed in a survival style program called MyDol – a mash up of the words “My Idol”.

You can get to know them through YouTube videos.


And if you’re looking for something new, give these guys a whirl. I don’t think they’ll disappoint.

PS… None of the photos are mine. So, credit to internet uploads and such. Not in South Korea… Not in Japan. So…. Just to let you know.


3 thoughts on “KPOP and me – VIXX and Le Sin Set

  1. Yay ! I am glad someone new got to VIXX. They are precious *-*
    If you want to listen another earworm song I recommend you What you waiting for -Error mini album- Or secret night -Voodoo doll album-.
    Welcome and enjoy being a Starlight! 🌟

    • Thank you. You know my story… It started with Beautiful Liar. I’m now in Blue Blossom. I’ll work my way to Secret Night. If you are ever in LiveJournal, look up omniasolus, ztarplay, they started it. LOL!!!!

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