KPOP and Me – TVX2


I was reading through my former entries and found one that addressed the insanity of netizens that said something negative about JYJ’s The Return of the King concert. I belive I said something like at least they didn’t go one step higher and called the concert The Return of the Gods. LOL!
So when this came out… I should have posted it earlier. Oh well…. such as it is,  this gave me a good laugh.
So, listen up CJES Ent., and all you people connected to JYJ’s production staff.

When the three comes back together, put out an album. And because dragons are the symbols of Asian gods, let the title be RISEN DRAGONS or RISING DRAGONS.  In the same context, AESIR RISING, RISEN AESIR, AOSSI (pronounced Essi) RISING… should also be considered.  The Aos-si were the original fairy folk of English folk tales. Believed to be beautiful beyond compare.
The AESIR are the patheon gods of the Vikings. These people were the original rebels, pioneers,  mutineers… They didn’t let the vastness of the sea stop them from discovering new worlds. Or conquering new people. Much, I think, like JYJ has done. So, here’s hoping their people are scanning this and I get to see my Aesir rising after three years.
You hear that, Jaejoongie, Yuchunnie, Junsu? You have three years to come up with some mighty fine creations.


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