KPOP and me – VIXX LR


I was introduced to this by LJ’s friend feed. LOL! And the only reason I even looked it up was because the comment said… “Doesn’t this video smack of homoerotism?” Or something like that. Not knowing what the lyrics said, it may have been like so. However, it’s the concept of the two different facets of one man’s feelings. Yah, okay… BUT what blew me away was how Leo’s clear vocals were such a good mix for Ravi’s deep and low rapping. Even when Ravi sings with Leo, the way their voices intertwine is just incredible!
THIS! THIS! This was my high hopes realized… But it should have been this kind of pairing for Yunho and Changmin. Instead of the…ummm…well… Yeah…
AND!!!!!! Oh my effing gawd!!!!!
Do you remember what made me fall in love with DB5K, Kim Jaejoong and YunJae?
The song Doushite… Live… The passion in Jaejoongie’s voice, the clearness, the….
Well, here’s another boy who feels the music with his body… I have  looked at each live performance recorded of them singing Beautiful Liar and I am just blown away! VIXX might not be my cup of tea, but VIXX LR… Definitely!



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