Mung Bean Stew


There is something comforting in stews. And this is one of my favorites. Cooking it is a unique experience.
Perhaps it is the addictive smell of sauteed onions and garlic with the smokiness of the chopped pork belly. Perhaps it’s the splash of fish sauce and sizzle of tomatoes.

I think it may have to do with the instructions I havr described to the kiddos wanting to learn WHEN the beans are done.
You see, the split seed mung beans need to flower – blossom – when it is done. If you have ever cooked this, you would understand.
This recipe is so beautifully fragrant, it makes my mouth water. Spinach wild or domesticated is a good accompaniment. It is delicious without any other greens, but visually, some green is pretty within it. Horseradish leaves, from the horseradish tree – marungay – is another one that is delicious here. I have also used baby kale. As well as the glossy leaved choy sum.
If you ever want the recipe, let me know. Everything here isn’t measured. But the taste…. like home.


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