Setting The Bar

The news that Kim Jaejoong finished top of his class fills me with joy.


I fully expected it.


Idol training is supposedly difficult. Less than 2 hours sleep, training day and night in dance moves that hurt your body all over. Exhaustion is the name of the game. You perform and then practice. Holding a mic might not seem heavy, but do it for 16 hours and it’ll feel like a 100 lbs lead weight. Shooting movies/dramas are the same. 32 hour stretches, snatching sleep, food and drink whenever. Doing a concert requires more hours than an average citizen can endure. Being an idol, singer, actor all require a certain personal discipline.

Everything military training requires of a person.

So, my question is this. If Jaejoong placed first, why aren’t all the other idols getting there?

One thing I know, this is a bar that Jaejoong set. And Yunho and Changmin will have to match it. For the sake of SME. LOL! Because that is what SME is like. Anything JYJ does, Yunho and Changmin has to match and do better.

He Cried

I read the news that Jung Yunho cried during a concert in Japan. Now, he was feeling emotional, it is reported, because it will be the last concert they’ll do with Japanese fans for a long time. Considering that his enlistment date hasn’t even been told by SM, really?  And this happened just days after Kim Jaejoong went in…

Not one to speculate… Okay I am… But isn’t this a little too coincidental? No access to Jae for 21 months… That’s gotta be lonely…