KPOP and me – Kdrama – Misaeng – Incomplete Life


I was at a loss when TNWM’s J AND T3M ended.  And being at a loss couldn’t find another thing to fill it.  I suppose laundry, dishes and stuff like that could have filled that two hour time slot in every week of my life, but eh… I tripped upon Misaeng.  Im Siwan.  I wasn’t really thinking that I’d like it.  And surprise!
Perhaps it was the philosophical nuances that Jang Geu Rae infuses into the work.  Wait, wait.  I meant, the writers.  I want to read the webtoon now.  Hah!  I’ll have to look it up and see if it’s close to what was placed in the webtoon.  But this is what I mean about the effectiveness of writers.  The story is truly well built with instances of philosophical thought thrown in.  I was so impressed because the writers had used the game of Go to make a philosophical statement about life.  It’s interesting that when I researched Go, it was primarily a chess game.  Although with rules, this is more like a war game.  Probably why I thought the series (I’ve seen 13 episodes so far) so closely resembled the teachings of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  Or Musashi’s The Book of Five Rings.  I think there may have been Bushido in there as well.  And Lao Tzu’s Dao De Ching. 
“A path is not just where you’re walking, but where you’re walking in order to move forward. A path, which you can’t move forward on, is not a path.  A path is opened to everyone, but not everyone can have that path.” 
“I have to think that I didn’t work hard enough and that’s why I am here now.”
The characters are so complex!  They’re not cartoony and they’re not glossed over.  I mean, there is a dark undertone to this work, but Oh, my LORD, GOD!  It’s very human.  Up to the 13th episode, I have seen the mistakes they do, the prejudice they experience, the painful transitions they go through. 
The first episode threw me for a loop.  Here was Jang Geu Rae chasing after some dude, speaks English pretty well, then flies into the air like a bird and…. We’re transported to him washing the walls of a sauna.  And going to intern for a company.  The tailspin had me spinning.  What?!  Huh?!  What happened?  It was only later that I realized and didn’t care even at that point that the beginning scenes is most likely the ending of the story.  And here we are seeing how the story began.  Ooooh… nice premise! 
I praise the writers or adapters of this drama.  I hope the next episodes prove to be just as entertaining and mind-gasmic.
No, I have no Im Siwan bias.  I only got to know him through Triangle as Yeongdal’s brother.  I can’t rate the acting.  As of now, Im Siwan’s Jang Geu Rae is ignorantly innocent and morose – a fledgling who is uncertain.  He’s got that part down pat.  I’m waiting to see how his character develops from this point on.  I am however praising his boss and his boss’ underling.  Oooh.  Such good acting!  The range of emotions shown is incredible.  I’m like a worker in the office unsure of what I’m going to come back to with regards to this boss.  When Oh Sangsik is remorseful, you see it in his body stance.  When he’s restless, it seems like his chair doesn’t sit still either.  But when he’s thinking and depressed and feeling like… whatever… ah you see it.  You feel it.  And when he gets angry, it’s like a volcano.  I can’t stop watching, but I want to cower under a desk as well. 
So praises for this drama.  There are only a few that I’ve really liked from beginning to end.  I hope this one lives up to my expectations.  Idol actors notwithstanding.


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