Jung Yunho versus Jung Yonghwa.  The Night Watchman’s Journal versus The Three Musketeers.  Both period dramas set in the Joseon period of SK’s past.  And while the ratings (they say) favor TNW’sJ, I personally like T3M better.


From the beginning, Jung Yonghwa was incredibly good.  I mean, how do you portray anger all the while being somewhat polite to the crown prince of the country?  The mutinous stubbornness came out very well.  With the barely there politeness.  The man expresses a myriad of emotions just by his face.  The disappointment, the courage, the bravery, the hope, and the dashed hopes.  The genuine wish to do good, the humility, the desire to persevere, the continued quest to do his duty although it has never been explained what it was precisely.  I can go on and on about Jung Yonghwa’s acting.  I have so far watched up to Episode 5 and can’t wait for the rest.  The writers, the action choreographers, the directors for T3M were all incredibly the best.  The flow of the story seems to be going well.  Park Dal Yang is in good hands despite the adventures that awaits the poor young man.
Jung Yunho on the other hand seemed to struggle with the facial expressions necessary for his role as a cold man.  Surely even a cold man can muster up a glare as it is incredibly useful for intimidating enemies.  And when he needs to assess a situation, surely a contemplative air could be produced.  Since he glares so well on magazine spreads and all, I would think this is something that comes naturally now.  However, he was incredibly stiff.  Sadam could give him pointers on how to do it.  So would the Prince. 


We are now on episode 15.  He seems to have unwinded from the stiff facial expression he showed at the earlier part of the drama.  The shift seemed to occur when he poured out his heart and cried at the scene of his sister dying.  Jung Yunho transformed into Moo Seok overnight!  Or so it seemed.  You could see the contemplative frown that mars his face when faced with a situation that concerns the Prince and the Do Ha.  You can see the concern, the narrowing of eyes at the thought of something that doesn’t seem right, and you can almost read the confusion at something he has to fight without being able to see.  Had the floodgates of emotions opened up Jung Yunho?  I hope so.  I hope that he can powerfully portray Moo Seok to the best of his abilities.  One that usually graces the pages of magazines Jung Yunho models for, hawking clothes.  He needs to dive deep into the murky waters of his feelings to be able to convey everything the character keeps hidden or tries hard to control. 
The minister’s daughter is so… clichéd a scorned woman.  Aaargh!  It would have been better if she wasn’t in the picture really, for she is really distracting.  I’m sure they’ll figure something for her to do, but right now, she’s annoying. 
I’m still rooting for the villain and the sword smith.  Two men on opposing ends of the eventual fight.  I know they’ll both die.  Because the blacksmith’s days are already numbered.  It would be a super surprise if he makes it to the end of the drama.  And for sure Sadam will die.  After all, good must prevail. The question is how and will the drama end with his death? 
The story seems to drag really.  I mean, this is supposed to be about Night Watchmen, but it’s only now that the formation of the group comes around.  The writers are incredibly…slow… in developing the story.  I guessed that the little lady is really the prince’s mother.  They could have cut out all the extraneous factors here and there and still have had a solid story.  Of course, having Mook Seo crying earlier on would probably have developed the character’s persona much faster. 
The delivery of lines still need work on Moo Seok’s part.  He needs to make it come out just a tad harsher.  His character is of a warrior after all.  He needs to work on his brusqueness.
However, they did change Yunho’s costume from clean and tidy to something that can get dirty.  Oooh… Okay, Jung Yonghwa still rocks the look better than Jung Yunho, no matter how you look at it, but I’m liking the new fighting Jung Yunho in dark, raggedy clothes.  He definitely looks more… approachable… Moo Seok as a warrior knight fighting for the good of the people.  Did they read my criticisms?  I wonder.  Even so, it’s a nice change.  Moo Seok, hwaiting!  I’m looking forward to more of this from Jung Yunho. 



While I’m critical about the writers of TNW’sJ, I am enamored by their fight choreographers.  There are still too many scenes with Moo Seok practicing alone, and he’s not even the main character, which makes me wonder if this is not some Jung Yunho fan who is producing this.  It’s a possibility, but I would prefer that they all have equal warrior practice solo shots each time.  Not that I’m complaining for Jung Yunho practicing alone is much like seeing him dance.  The raw power the man puts into his moves is evident in those solo scenes.  It’s just not conducive to the story. 
In the end, I’m still following both dramas and am really happy to see Jung Yunho FINALLY developing the character of Moo Seok and letting his emotions show through his character.  And please, Jung Yunho.  It’s not time to be polite when you’re under the lights.  Glare at your perceived enemies.  Sadam should feel just a little intimidation from your talks with him.  It feels as if you fear the man so you can only say politely, “Don’t sway the King.”  Wasn’t that supposed to be threatening, though?  I didn’t see any threats.  Narrow those eyes and glare, let your nose flare up just a little.  And speak through clenched jaw.  Especially when delivering threats.  And make the disappointment show when the King wants nothing to do with you.  Hell, raise a supercilious eyebrow, clench your jaw and let that vein tick when the Prince is being a brat.  I’ve seen you do it before. 
This is Moo Seok.  Cold man who keeps his emotions tightly under wraps, but he’s still human.  And coldness is still an emotion.  Everything is expressed through the eyes and eyebrows.  For heaven’s sake!  I thought for a while there you have had botox injected into your face and that’s why there was no facial expression.  You were like a robot!  Practice, dude, practice!  Supercilious eyebrows, really!  It’ll do your character a world of good.  Sadam seems to have gotten the hang of it.  Ask him. 
Jung Yonghwa, I don’t even know what to say.  Keep up the good work.  And believe me, I’ll blast you if I think you’re not doing your job right.  Or if your genius slips.  I’ll be here ranting and raving about it.  I leave Park Dahl Yang (D’Artagnan), my favorite character in the book, into your capable hands.  Don’t let me down!
Until then, I’ll go enjoy the latest episodes of T3M and TNW’sJ.  I can’t wait to see if Jung Yunho masters the art of intimidating the enemy with one arch of an eyebrow.  Should I come to SK to show you how it’s done?


34 thoughts on “JUNG VERSUS JUNG

  1. I’m glade that there is a person in this world who sees Yunho that he is not perfect. I saw many videos (in time) and I saw (with the eyes of an ex-athlete ) he is not realy good at sport. A very good dancer is JUNSU, more than YH. Thanks for your comments.
    And I like Jung Yonghwa. I know that he refused YH to write songs for TVXQ2. And I think he’s right.
    Go on and have a good ideea to write!

    • Thanks, Danny. Your comments are gold!
      That time that YH refused to write for TVX2 was because he said he wrote mostly for CNBLUE, with their flavor in mind. So, writing for others meant he needs to know the other people’s style. Yonghwa is a band composer. He’s not a…KPop dance composer. So, of course, he refused. TVX2 is a mainly a dance group. Yunho should have asked Yuchun and Kim Jaejoong of JYJ. They compose dance tunes. 🙂

    • @Danny You think Junsu is a better dancer, but that is just your opinion. Yunho is one of the best dancers in kpop. For the Super Idol Chart show, Yunho was voted best dancer and got the Number One spot multiple times. It’s okay if you criticize Yunho but you should at least give him some credit for his talent. He can sing, dance and even wrote lyrics/composed music for his solo songs, which became big hits in Japan. “November with Love” got the Number One spot on China’s Baidu King Music Chart.

  2. Yunho not really good at sports? LMBO….He’s skillful at martial arts & got black belt in both Taekwondo and Hapkido. It doesn’t matter if you deny it because many people praise his martial art fighting scenes in Night Watchman. btw, he did his own stunts too.

    • I do love the fighting scenes he does! I just think it didn’t lend a lot of panache to the drama. I mean, the raw power he exudes is phenomenal. BUT, it lends nothing to the drama’s story.

  3. @danny
    You think Junsu’s better dancer than Yunho, but that just your opinion! FYI, Yunho’s one of best dancers in Kpop. He’s very talented in that category. For super idol chart show, he got voted best dancer multiple times and got number one spot among so many people. It okay if you criticize him but it not fair how you don’t give him any credit, look at his record breaking achievements…he such a successful kpop idol.

    • Do you think that if Yunho were to go solo. Sing by himself, command a stage by himself, write all the songs in an album, lyrics, songs he could do it? In three months time? Because personally, I don’t think he can. And that’s alright. He may be a hardworking idol, talented dancer… But that’s it. Singing… Bleh… November with love was sung her nicely, but the rest of his solos were not that notable. They didn’t leave a lasting impression. And that is why I’m so hard on him. I praise where its due. But Jung Yunho competing against the likes of Jung Yonghwa …. Eh… Sorry. Yong Hwa wins.

      • LMBO. No matter how hard you try to bring him down, he is still successful. Jung Yong Hwa is more talented but guess what? TVXQ is more successful with album sales, have bigger concert tours, make more money, and has a bigger fanbase than CNBlue.
        Also, what I hate about you is that you’re too quick to judge before it even happens. Has Yunho ever done a solo album yet? NO!…..by the way, I’ve seen Yunho perform solo songs and command the stage by himself in Japan, China and Korea and guess what? The audience loved it….Examples would be his performance of Checkmate, Shout Out, Tied Ship, Honey Funny Bunny. You don’t have to be one of the best singers in order to be successful, as long as you can sing live with MR removed.

      • That’s what I’m trying to say. In my humble opinion, TEN years since debut is a LONG time. TVX2 may have a bigger fan base, album sales, etc. They have been in the industry a looong time. But so what? I’m not measuring success. I’m measuring TALENT. Jung Yong Hwa by your own admission IS more talented than Jung Yunho when it comes to writing songs and creating music. Yong Hwa also has a personality that makes him a very credible actor. Jung Yunho is great in dance (Thing at almost 30, he’s slowing down and you can tell). Their dance moves are more suave, not as powerful as before. But that’s expected. Jung YongHwa by his own admission is not that good. CNBLUE is a rock band. They do not dance. So… In all honesty, Jung Yunho is a waning moon. And Jung Yong Hwa is a rising star. CNBLUE is a new act. TVX2 is not. Such is the cycle of things in Asia. I worry for Jung Yunho. Where does he go after his military service? He cannot remain an idol. Not when more talented, handsome, YOUNG men nip at his heels.
        There is more to this, but you won’t like my opinion on that!!! 🙂

      • In your opinion, his self composed songs were not memorable but guess what?…. they became a big bit among the general public in Japan. November with Love became a hit among Chinese Kpop fans and they are still listening to it now.

      • LOL…The whole point of having talent and starting a career is to achieve SUCCESS. JYH has more talent, but Yunho is still a talented idol. It’s quite surprising how even though Jung Yong Hwa does more work, his album sales, concert tours, fanbase, money, and overall popularity is NO match to TVXQ Yunho and Changmin. I’ve searched many countries, Yunho has stronger public appeal and bigger fanbase than JYH……JYH is more talented than the members of Super Junjor and Girls Generation but he is NOT as popular as them…hahaha.

      • You said “that’s what I’m trying to say” LOL……Before I explained and posted my comment at 4:10AM, you did not give any credit and did not mention any of his solo performances (when he commanded the stage on his own) that I listed.

  4. I still listen to November with Love. But that’s because I feel he let out his heart on that one. The others felt experimental. Like he was trying out new clothes. And his heart was not heard. It doesn’t matter about being a hit. It has to speak to me. And him being a foreign artist, his voice needs to convey meaning because I don’t understand what he’s saying. This is my opinion. And talent can do that. That’s the reason why I like Jung Joon Young. His deep voice captured my attention on the MV of Spotless Mind. Did I know the lyrics? Hell no! Like I said, I give praise where it’s due. The unit of measure is talent and heart. Let me feel it. You have my praise.

    • lol..me, me, me…who the heck cares about YOUR opinion? U just ONE person Ha!….His song appealed to the MASS audience in Japan and fanbase in China….may not be ‘multi-talented but he still a talented dancer and performer…rich, popular, breaking records, very successful idol in the kpop industry :p

      • This is my blog. So those who read it probably cares. I’m looking for talent. Not mass produced whatever. And those that share my opinion are there. Of course, you do not need to read MY opinion. You can stop reading anytime.

      • @jada
        i aint cassie so objectiv p.o.v. here ~ All of tvxq yunho’s songs, da ones writen by him, yep big hit / well received by fans & mass public of japan society & by chinese + malaysia cassies. ~ why i like every one of his songs: bcuz diffrent genre, fun catchy & love songs meaningful 🙂

      • @rhb
        sory 4 jumpin’ in, i dont see anyone postin’ anythin’ here xcept 4 cassies above so i dunno who share ur opinion…tvxq yunho not my fav idol but he’s talented.

      • Whoever… It doesn’t matter… My blog right? I’ve never said he’s not talented. I just said he’s not in Jung YongHwa’s league. And the reason I picked him was because they both had dramas going on at the same time that I was watching. Both were historical dramas. I’ve praised his November with Love, praised his dynamic fight choreography. Everyone in SK does their own stunts. He’s a phenomenal dancer!!! Just, not talented in acting enough as of yet. He needs more seasoning. He needs more maturing, allowing his emotions to come through in both acting and singing. That’s all. Yeah, he’s successful, but I think he just happened to be in the right group and the right erm… Agency… That allowed him to ascend there. And the brand TVXQ is very popular. But unless it’s a song he crested, helped create with credits to his name, I discard in my criteria of measuring his talents. This post wasn’t even about his musical talent, it was about the two dramas and the men who were acting the characters out!! You guys should have used another one.

        But I love you guys for commenting!

  5. “Agency… That allowed him to ascend there. And the brand TVXQ is very popular. But unless it’s a song he crested, helped create with credits to his name, I discard in my criteria of measuring his talents”…..Er, whole bunch of idol groups come from big companies SM, YG, JYP…yeah they (SM) promote & market dbsk and Yunho, but he’s talented guy too. I know Yunho wrote rap lyrics for multiple songs before dbsk disbanded. since the homin era begin in 2011, he’s written big hit solo songs and the japanese love them; and yes he amazing dancer too. DO NOT be too quick to say “he’s not in jung yonghwa’s league”….there’s a balance. when it comes to songwriting, JYH is better than Yunho but when it comes to dancing, album sales, and concerts. JYH is NOT in Yunho’s league. I’m not a hard core fan of either guy but I judge based on research.

    • Jung Yunho asked Jung Yonghwa if he could write a song for TVX2. Even the man acknowledges JYH’s talent… OMG! Their initials are the same! How the heck?!?! Anyway, the older acknowledged the younger.
      As for album sales, concerts, etc… Yeah, TVX2 has the bigger share of the pot. Okay… But my criteria is… Talent… And I’ve already said Yunho is a phenomenal dancer. And you’ve said that there are more talented people who sings better than Jung Yunho. One of those people happens to be Jung Yonghwa. Yeah, he did write rap for a lot of songs, but as of right now, unless he or his PR people let out the songs he wrote lyrics to, I can’t include them. And their albums before disbanding does not have his name in the credits for lyrics or composition. Even the Japanese ones. Maybe Yonghwa has more freedom to create what he likes. And Yunho doesn’t. I can’t judge on something I haven’t heard or seen.
      As for CNBLUE, Yonghwa isn’t even my bias… I like Minhyuk… However, Yonghwa has my respect because of his sheer versatile talent. And if you read the post, it was about the characters from TNWM’s J and T3Ms. And how the script was written and how they filled in the shoes they were given. Dal Yang is a cohesive character which Yonghwa brought to life. The writers and directors knew how where when why. Moo Soek, poor guy, was not complete… Like a work in progress… And poor Jung Yunho, already termed a not so talented actor, is asked to make him into a relatable guy! A feat for anyone, talented or no. His background as a mediocre actor was already weighing heavily against him. The improvements he made during the show was fine, but even a veteran actor would not have been able to play his character well because it wasn’t fleshed out in the beginning. A warrior is a warrior is a warrior… Despite all the emotional instability of life, there should have a consistency in his character. So, I praised his power moves in the action sequences. I discredited his stiff line deliveries. And period dramas are period dramas, but surely even they can get messy!!! And hands down, I’d prefer to watch T3Ms over TNWM’s J. The story was more cohesive, planned out, thought out.

      • Hello, daisy’s back.

        Something I wanna point out…”and their albums before disbanding does not have his name in the credits for lyrics or composition”….despite that, in Jaejoong’s interview when they had 5 members, he revealed that Yunho quietly worked on writing lyrics and composing music for several songs on his own. Jaejoong asked Yunho that from now on, he should share and tell the other members what he’s working on……Changmin helped write Love in the Ice (believe it or not).
        Your criteria is just talent, whatever!….I look at both talent and success because they’re both important. Jung Yonghwa is better at singing and songwriting than Yunho, but when it comes to dancing, choreography and breaking new records overall, Yonghwa is NOT in Yunho’s league…..Now Yunho is a decent average actor, but he still has long way to go…..Jung Yonghwa improved in Three Musketeers, but he is still NOT a good actor either. I remember when he was in Youre Beautiful and Heartstrings, he got criticized for BAD acting by K-netizens and even bloggers said he was NO good.

      • Okay, but there again, there are no credits to his name alone. Actually, Yonghwa improved in Meari’s Choice. The drama didn’t do well according to critics, but I think it was because the story sucked, but that’s just me! And remember, Yunho has been in the business a looooonnnggg time. Waaaayyyyy before Jung Yonghwa even thought about it. So… Compare years to years, eh? And the improvement or lack thereof… I liked You’re Beautiful and although the acting (ALL of them!! Not only JYH!) was clumsy, it got KPOP and KDrama into my radar. Heartstrings..? Ewww… The story was cumbersome to begin with. I never said Jung Yonghwa is the best actor there is, he just nailed the character of Park Dal Yang!!! And between Jung Yunho’s portrayal of Moo Seok and Jung Yonghwa’s portrayal of Dal Yang, gotta admit, Dal Yang was a better played character than Moo Seok. I think Yunho’s tension and possible nervousness showed in the opening scenes and he unfortunately conveyed that in the drama. So he was stiff… Coupled with incompetent writers who couldn’t figure out how they wanted Moo Seok to be, ehhh! Jung Yong Hwa, on the otherside, caught his groove and had fun with his character of Dal Yang and it shows! I reiterate, Jung Yunho’s fighting scenes were incredible! I bow down to the dynamic scenes of his powerful moves! It’s just like seeing him dance on stage! That I cannot dispute! BUT singing… Composition… Lyric writing… Until someone puts out there ALL of his compositions he worked on officially, how am I supposed to know?!?! Either the man isn’t confident about them or… Gosh, I don’t know… A deal with SM? Who knows?!? The point is, between Dal Yang and Moo Seok, Dal Yang was played better… And hence, Yong Hwa was the better actor. If you guys want, I’ll even concede that Jung Yong Hwa was just utterly lucky that the directors knew how they wanted the characters portrayed, the writers knew how to write a very tight, cohesive story, the senior actors in T3Ms knew how to direct Yong Hwa’s acting. It was just Yunho’s bad luck that his drama was just cumbersome, with uncertain writers, awed directors, with super good fight choreographers, and wishy washy story tellers. And the bad luck that they ran at the same damned time. Because if they didn’t. THIS article may never have been written.

  6. some singers are better than Yunho but he can sing and I like his charisma; he shows a lot of emotion and gets really into it. I don’t speak korean but I can see the message he conveys when he sings his songs.

  7. i just passin’ by but had 2 laugh mad hard at your comment here…”And remember, Yunho has been in the business a looooonnnggg time. Waaaayyyyy before Jung Yonghwa even thought about it. So… Compare years to years, eh?”…..what im about to tell ya, do ya even realize this?:
    1) ya’ll know yunho’s been in business for 10 years but he STARTED his acting career in 2009 when heading to the ground came out. jung yonghwa STARTED acting in the SAME year 2009 with You are Beautiful. Neither of them are good actors despite the improvement.
    2) i like cnblue but i gotta admit despite tvxq downfall/breakup and hiatus, they returned as only 2 but still bigger success, raking in more $$, and settin’ bg records more impressive than cmblue.

    • Okay, here we are again. The “in the business” a loooong time was because of their success in records, and concerts, etc…. He has been in that business for a long time. Before Yonghwa. So, since it’s like that, their level of success in CNBLUE has to be compared year to year. And I have no beef when it comes to Yunho’s success with records and concerts and such. That’s not what this was about. This was about Moo Seok and Dal Yang and the way these two actors approached their characters. And since the had the same last name, same initial romanized. Hell! Why not compare? There you go, or do you think Yunho actually became Moo Seok? I know Yong Hwa became Dal Yang, portraying all the ignorance, naivete, surprise, pain, stubbornness, forgiveness, and fun… As well as sadness… That the scenes called for from beginning to end. Yunho, on the other hand, started of stiff, ill equipped to sway with the çharacter he was handed. He got better after the crying scene. And the worst parts after that were because the writers were now too focused on Yunho’s role as a softie and being selfless. They should have remembered that their character was first a warrior and treated him as such. He cried where he was told to, though personally, that last splash of tears wasn’t warranted. So… Tell me about these two acting in TNWM’sJ and T3Ms. Yonghwa was better.

      • um blogger,

        i’m not fan of either guy so i’m unbiased…yonghwa did “kind of” better, but still Yunho was adequate and i thought his acting was kinda good. if he keeps it up, i think he has potential to become good actor. As of now, neither yonghwa nor yunho are “good actors”…their acting is decent at most.
        don’t make such big deal about who been around longer blah blah…
        I’m not cassie but my friends keep making me watch dbsk performances. From what i observed, I think Yunho is a good singer and one of the best dancers. I impressed he can sing LIVE with MR removed and dance at the same time. I think his partner changmin is one of the best singers.

      • @charlotte
        MTE good singer & great dancer Yun Ho. in korea, tvxq regarded as a “wall” & legendary top tier group. i heard Yun Ho got main leading role for new SBS drama I Order You. he was alright in his last drama last year. hope he continues to improve & do even better.

      • I watched his drama last year. He’s an okay actor. But all actors need good direction and good stories. The story was eh… I thought his martial arts moves was better than the actual story acting. He needs to do more action movies.

        And women may not be the best writers for warriors of long ago.

      • Oh. P.S. Yes, DBSK definite is a top tier group when they were five. Changmin and Yunho traded on the fame all five created. Yes, yes, their dance moves and handsome faces definitely generate attention, but personally?? They don’t cut the mustard when you compare them to talented singers.

        But that’s KPOP for you. They espouse the “group” thing with singing and dancing. It gets old after a while. I get why Ryan Tedder won’t work with someone too young and inexperienced. A certain feeling needs to be conveyed in song.

      • @rhb
        FYI, I’ve seen many recent comments by korean netizens. People in Korea STILL consider TVXQ as a top tier group despite the break up. Big Bang and SNSD are also considered top tier groups.
        Night Watchman had such a shitty story..one of the worst sageuks ever! Yunho’s martial arts is really good and his acting is okay. And yes @nehya I heard of his new rom-com drama coming out next month..he is the male lead this time.

      • @rhb
        “they don’t cut the mustard when you compare them to talented singers”…??lol changmin is considered one of the best singers who can hit the high notes. No matter what you or anyone says, TVXQ duo are talented. Btw, * I don’t have to be a fan to see their skills.*
        Among hundreds of kpop idols, only certain ppl write their own songs. There’s a lot of idols who never write anything at all, but at least yunho & changmin wrote their individual songs.

      • rhb,

        ur just like other jyj biased fans who got personal problems with homin duo. maybe you don’t like homin bcuz they don’t write enough songs. I don’t judge based on quantity. I judge based on quality. yunho & changmin use imagery, rhyme, metaphor in their lyrics of their solo songs. Their songs have meaning and I understand what they convey. People can critique and complain all they want, but in the end, homin are still regarded as talented singers in their home country.

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