KPOP and me -Jung Yong Hwa – The Three Musketeers

Just the first episode and Jung Yong Hwa has captured my interest. Is there anything this boy can’t do? He portrayed the innocence and naivete so perfectly, I wanted to throttle his father. Then his ignorance, his honorable though simple ways, the crestfallen look as he was told that his reason for going was gone, the resolve he had to do the best for his love, then that last surprise at seeing who his benefactors were… Damn! The man had grown from his You’ve Fallen for Me drama. Though I had grown an aversion to Park Shin Bye at that time. Don’t Ask! It’s irrational, I know, but damn!!! Ah, I should have known he could pull all those emotions out one by one from Marry Him if You Dare where he played the chaebol to perfection and then turned into a regular guy for her. Ah!


And he doesn’t look half as bad doing all these horseback riding and the bow and arrow. Gawd! Where’s mine? He makes me want to go out right now and practice the bow and arrow as well. I am not allowed to wax lyrical on his handsome features. Someone in the household has laid claim to them. Why do they make them look like porcelain dolls? And all throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but notice his red, red lips. Cupid’s bow. Hmmm. (Seriously, because he’s not standing next to Kang Minhyuk, he shines very brightly.) The man is seriously talented! I have often fallen in love with his lyrical compositions. But watching him grow as an actor! Wow! That’s definitely all I can say. Action, line delivery, body, emotional content, facial expressions – he’s got it all! I seriously cannot wait to see all 36 episodes of this series!


Let’s not forget the other three. The Three Musketeers as it were. They are seriously quite…fun! Their natural comedy are delivered naturally. This is an interesting writer, director, cinematographer, and fighting choreographer.  The lines are delivered as if they happened in everyday life. There was dust on their clothes and sweat on their brows. I rather like this cast and how the writer has chosen to incorporate comedy as it happens in real life. We’ve got action, comedic relief, and drama all in this package. Yes! Definitely a drama to watch!!!!

The KDrama app on your android tab will be your best friend. DramaFever is great with their selections, but with how they embedded so many commercials into their contents, it’s become cumbersome. I still watch dramas in DramaFever that KDrama has not yet acquired, but the new ones are appearing on KDrama. 

Ah! For those who are choosing between this and Journal of the Night Watchman, I hate to say it, but I’d watch this one instead. It has made me laugh, want to strangle a father, slap a woman, kick that no good purse snatcher and sooth a confused innocent boy all in the space of one hour. BUT I’m not you. I can watch them both on different days! Thank you internet and translators!!! I love you! And free drama apps!!! 


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