KPOP and me – Jay Park – Latest offerings


The Promise. I’ve listened to it. The R&B ain’t bad. It isn’t. Jay Park oozes sex appeal, bad boy style here. And I like how he sounds… But, I can’t listen to him at work!!! I’d fall asleep or worse! I’d be asleep dreaming and drooling about Jay Park!  So, I like how he sounds in the song. But it’s nothing like Speechless. Speechless left me – well…speechless. Chacha Malone’s voice melding with Jay Park’s was…sexy and emotional in a teenager kind of way. The Promise is a bit deeper, hinting at the deeper emotion of a man. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like Bel Viv Devoe. Then again, it’s not targeting US audiences.

I prefer Metronome for download. It’s paced fine enough that I can crunch numbers and still function while listening to this. The beat is good. And as always, Jay Park’s vocals shine nicely.


The video ain’t bad either and the lyrics… Oooh! Ever since Welcome aired, Jay Park has just oozed SEXY with a huge capital S! And yes! I love that song! So I’m hoping for more songs like Metronome or Speechless or Welcome from the man. Jay Park! Woot woot woot!


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