City by the Sea



10 thoughts on “City by the Sea

  1. America?! Mmm. Maybe a trip would be interesting, but not to stay there. I would prefer Europe. It’s beautiful and interesting. And my country, too. In a small country, we have all forms of relief, a river wich it is flowing from west to east, a delta, a sea and a great history. I like my country, but it’s interesting to travel and to see the world.

    • I live in California, two hours give or take from this city. I love this place. Travel is indeed very pleasant! My bucket list of places to visit include Machu Picchu, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Athena’s Temple, Via Dolorosa, Lichtenstein, Budapest, Morocco, Danube River cruise, Shinjuku, Kyoto, Han River, Kunlun Mountains, Tibet…. Many places!!! But home is here. It’s rather expensive here, so I live two hours away! LOL! But there is something very romantic about San Francisco and its eddy of fog and water. People say that they left their heart in San Francisco, well, hell… There is just something about the city that grabs at you and won’t let go. And no matter how far or near you are, the city calls to you like no other. Especially if you stay within its arms for more than a day. Those that are lucky enough to be able to live in it cannot see any other place as home. It is a heartbreaker and a heart mender. And the little cities that surround it all have mystifying tendencies as well. Unique and just as intriguing.

      • Only Budapest, not Bucharest? No Carpathian Mountains, no The Danube Delta, no Dracula’s Castel? What a pity!

      • Dracula’s castle????!!!! Ooooh gotta see that!!!! That lovely neck biter…. Bucharest then? Carpathian mountains???? I’ve only read that once… In a lovely historical…. If I can meet a Vassilli… Maybe:-)

  2. I’ve read these two fairytales. I like its. We don’t know or read russian fairytales, maybe our parents in the beggining of comunist era (’50-’60). The European folk fairytales are very nice and similar. We know Fairytales of Grimm Brothers or Charles Perrot or our national folktales. We have, too, a very beautiful female character in fairytales named Ileana Cosanzeana.

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