KPop and me – Night Watchman’s Journal – so far

Okay, I started watching this because of Jung Yunho. Episode four now. And this is what I’ve learned. How to seduce a man, how to make him want it (me), and how to make him want to keep me. And who gave me such advice? The villain in the series.


This guy. One of the most interesting villains I’ve so far seen. World Domination is definitely a villainous enterprise and this man is like a chess player. He’s gathering his pawns one by one. And this is only episode four!

The next character that intrigued me is the blacksmith.


Just how does he enter the stage of the drama? Didn’t he die that night of the queen’s death? But, OMG! That scene where he’s shirtless by the forge!!!!  I think my microchips got fried!!!!

So, I’ll keep watching to see these guys and learn more strategies from the VILLAIN!

Oh, yeah, the girls. Ummm… So, we already know there’s two girls and two guys. We know the prince will get a girl… Since Yunho isn’t the prince… Will he get the girl at the end? Hmmmm. I dunno. But I know the villain already found his other pawn! The Girl! One girl only has eyes for the prince. The other one only keeps looking for her dead sister. Seriously?
Yeah yeah… Here’s Yunho being… erm.. Well…Yunho, I guess… With a sword… Nice choreography!!! If only he’d just do a lot of action and looking cold, we’ll be fine. Why couldn’t his role be… Urm… Mute… He looks so nice flying in the air, dark eyebrows clanging together with the sword… Etc… Oh, hell… Someone else do write an ode to the man’s eyebrows.  Here’s Jung Yunho being…Jung Yunho.


His character so far is…effing boring! He tries to act like a scholar, which the prince calls him out on. LOL! The problem is, the way he delivers the lines…they’re a little…ummm…flat. He should have waved his hands a little, scowled down the crowd of weirdos… Fire the damn writer! She/he is making Yunho into an idiot! BUT!!!! He comes to life in the action scenes. The battle with the king, practicing on his own… It’s only when he delivers the lines that it becomes… Hell if I know. Is that Jung Yunho? Or is that the character? I think the problem here is Jung Yunho himself. The character Jung Yunho is such a powerful persona that no matter what role he takes on, this boy cannot overcome what he has created out there. So, I have a feeling we will be watching Jung Yunho playing at being a guard in the old times. Will we remember the name of his character? Probably not. You’ll remember that Jung Yunho once played a historical role with incredible fighting choreography that I want to see more of.
PS… What are all those artistic shots of Jung Yunho’s face reflected on the sword for? You’d think this was an ad for swords or something! Stop that and let his abilities come out! I’m getting the feeling that the cinematographer has a Yunho bias. Oh, and if the writers and directors are actually reading this… Let the boy get dirty. Blood here, a bruise there…ya know? He’s too nerdy and clean! Even the prince is more interesting at this point!!!!


7 thoughts on “KPop and me – Night Watchman’s Journal – so far

  1. What I like how you write.
    I know that Yuchun wants (recently) a possible role for him as a villain.

    About Yunho, not dirty, no blood, I remember, too, that Yuchun said that they (JYJ) were injuried more than the two, in their past. Maybe the staff is very protective with him.
    And that face of Yunho, I don’t know – sad, inner pain, no smile. I think that his eyes were more expresive in a photo with his partener girl from this drama. They seems that he is in love with camera. It’s my opinion and that I felt when I saw that photo. In my eyes he is a controversial person. And I’m in Yuchun’s consent (recent articol about the two), too.

    Have a good ideas as a writer!

    • Thank you for reading, Danny. He’s been in two episodes. If I watched the drama for him, I’d have left it after that 3rd episode. But the villain is just too interesting! I’ve never watched a drama where the villain is better looking than the principals… LOL!

    • Oh PS. Ummm. The boy smirked… That’s about the only facial expression I’ve seen on him. Then again, he’s playing… Almost a rendition of Chunnie’s role in SSKS. Except Chunnie wrapped himself in the role. I’m waiting to see how Yunho does. It’s early. LOL! I think Yuchun would be able to do villain her well. A nerdy, unassuming villain that masterminds how to take over the world!!!!!! Wait…. Junsu….he’d be really good at that.

  2. Ah, JUNSU…hmmm…is very cute, but I think, in reality, he is very serious and very honest and he knows how and what to speak. A very good singer with an unique voice and, of course, like all Sagittarius, always in love with… we now who.

      • So, so. As I said, If they are happy in these relations then it’s ok. I preffer all three like artists and happy.
        For me it’s too much as “idols”. I think they are models, model in performance, model of elegance, model of success, model of ambition.
        Yuchun is my first choice, because he’s my first discovery (2010, SKKS, KBSWorld). I liked him very much ( natural talent and charming), a pearl in a simple package that it knows when to shine. I didn’t know who is he. I was so curious, then I read and I saw. I saw and I read. I didn’t understand then. An actor in a singer? And too much names for a group? Good fans and bad fans? Fanatism? Idols? What are all these? For an est european was a litle shocking. And then…like in a english joke “I want tea, more tea”, for me was and is “I want JYJ, more JYJ.”

      • Ah! I got into KPop thru ‘You’re Beautiful.’ Jung Yonghwa, CNBLUE. But found DBSK, and could not take my eyes off of Kim Jaejoong when they performed Doushite in a 2008 concert in Japan. Fell in love with Yuchun’s cheekbones and eyes in the video of the same song. But it was Jaejoong’s singing that drew me. I’m more of a fan of CNBLUE, but like all older Americans, I’m specific about what I like. The talent drew me. And if I can’t stand their song, I will say something about it. But the YunJae thing threw me for a loop and I’m still stuck. The YuSu isn’t so overt. It’s mainly Junsu tolerating Yuchun’s teasing. In that relationship, I think Junsu indulges Yuchun, but that’s just me. And they both came out with “Letting go.” Aaarrgghh! That made me nuts!!! I haven’t talked about YuSu because it’s like a hidden open secret… You can’t really tell unless you are really looking for it.

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