If I could describe seduction
It’d be the Tahitian Sun
As it caresses your naked limbs
And warms them in my hands.
Under its blanket, in the sea
You shimmer as you swim to me
Your warmed lips are intoxicating
I have sipped such nectar, such drink
In your kisses I float wanting
As you carry me on the brink
Of sun kissed ecstasy.
The warmth of the Tahitian Sun
Has thawed my frozen soul
As your warm golden eyes burn
Beneath me, you undulate, you roll
And become my siren
My sun baked fall
Ah, heated temptation
Is the Tahitian Sun
Reflected in your embrace
Take me deep within your warmth
And let me languish in your island
Of vibrant seas and warm, warm sand
Let me ride the crest of your unrelenting waves
And send me crashing down, my soul you save
From its frozen sheath…
I return each night in your Tahitian warmth
I return each day to your sun kissed lips
Within your embrace, I feel Tahitian heat
Next to your heart, I feel tropical beat
Embedded into your skin a dark intoxication
And ah, the sweet sweet flame of seduction
It burns so deeply in your golden eyes…

RhB 201403081057A


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