KPOP and me -Jung Yong Hwa – The Three Musketeers

Just the first episode and Jung Yong Hwa has captured my interest. Is there anything this boy can’t do? He portrayed the innocence and naivete so perfectly, I wanted to throttle his father. Then his ignorance, his honorable though simple ways, the crestfallen look as he was told that his reason for going was gone, the resolve he had to do the best for his love, then that last surprise at seeing who his benefactors were… Damn! The man had grown from his You’ve Fallen for Me drama. Though I had grown an aversion to Park Shin Bye at that time. Don’t Ask! It’s irrational, I know, but damn!!! Ah, I should have known he could pull all those emotions out one by one from Marry Him if You Dare where he played the chaebol to perfection and then turned into a regular guy for her. Ah!


And he doesn’t look half as bad doing all these horseback riding and the bow and arrow. Gawd! Where’s mine? He makes me want to go out right now and practice the bow and arrow as well. I am not allowed to wax lyrical on his handsome features. Someone in the household has laid claim to them. Why do they make them look like porcelain dolls? And all throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but notice his red, red lips. Cupid’s bow. Hmmm. (Seriously, because he’s not standing next to Kang Minhyuk, he shines very brightly.) The man is seriously talented! I have often fallen in love with his lyrical compositions. But watching him grow as an actor! Wow! That’s definitely all I can say. Action, line delivery, body, emotional content, facial expressions – he’s got it all! I seriously cannot wait to see all 36 episodes of this series!


Let’s not forget the other three. The Three Musketeers as it were. They are seriously quite…fun! Their natural comedy are delivered naturally. This is an interesting writer, director, cinematographer, and fighting choreographer.  The lines are delivered as if they happened in everyday life. There was dust on their clothes and sweat on their brows. I rather like this cast and how the writer has chosen to incorporate comedy as it happens in real life. We’ve got action, comedic relief, and drama all in this package. Yes! Definitely a drama to watch!!!!

The KDrama app on your android tab will be your best friend. DramaFever is great with their selections, but with how they embedded so many commercials into their contents, it’s become cumbersome. I still watch dramas in DramaFever that KDrama has not yet acquired, but the new ones are appearing on KDrama. 

Ah! For those who are choosing between this and Journal of the Night Watchman, I hate to say it, but I’d watch this one instead. It has made me laugh, want to strangle a father, slap a woman, kick that no good purse snatcher and sooth a confused innocent boy all in the space of one hour. BUT I’m not you. I can watch them both on different days! Thank you internet and translators!!! I love you! And free drama apps!!! 

KPOP and me – Jay Park – Latest offerings


The Promise. I’ve listened to it. The R&B ain’t bad. It isn’t. Jay Park oozes sex appeal, bad boy style here. And I like how he sounds… But, I can’t listen to him at work!!! I’d fall asleep or worse! I’d be asleep dreaming and drooling about Jay Park!  So, I like how he sounds in the song. But it’s nothing like Speechless. Speechless left me – well…speechless. Chacha Malone’s voice melding with Jay Park’s was…sexy and emotional in a teenager kind of way. The Promise is a bit deeper, hinting at the deeper emotion of a man. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like Bel Viv Devoe. Then again, it’s not targeting US audiences.

I prefer Metronome for download. It’s paced fine enough that I can crunch numbers and still function while listening to this. The beat is good. And as always, Jay Park’s vocals shine nicely.


The video ain’t bad either and the lyrics… Oooh! Ever since Welcome aired, Jay Park has just oozed SEXY with a huge capital S! And yes! I love that song! So I’m hoping for more songs like Metronome or Speechless or Welcome from the man. Jay Park! Woot woot woot!

KPop and me – Night Watchman’s Journal – so far

Okay, I started watching this because of Jung Yunho. Episode four now. And this is what I’ve learned. How to seduce a man, how to make him want it (me), and how to make him want to keep me. And who gave me such advice? The villain in the series.


This guy. One of the most interesting villains I’ve so far seen. World Domination is definitely a villainous enterprise and this man is like a chess player. He’s gathering his pawns one by one. And this is only episode four!

The next character that intrigued me is the blacksmith.


Just how does he enter the stage of the drama? Didn’t he die that night of the queen’s death? But, OMG! That scene where he’s shirtless by the forge!!!!  I think my microchips got fried!!!!

So, I’ll keep watching to see these guys and learn more strategies from the VILLAIN!

Oh, yeah, the girls. Ummm… So, we already know there’s two girls and two guys. We know the prince will get a girl… Since Yunho isn’t the prince… Will he get the girl at the end? Hmmmm. I dunno. But I know the villain already found his other pawn! The Girl! One girl only has eyes for the prince. The other one only keeps looking for her dead sister. Seriously?
Yeah yeah… Here’s Yunho being… erm.. Well…Yunho, I guess… With a sword… Nice choreography!!! If only he’d just do a lot of action and looking cold, we’ll be fine. Why couldn’t his role be… Urm… Mute… He looks so nice flying in the air, dark eyebrows clanging together with the sword… Etc… Oh, hell… Someone else do write an ode to the man’s eyebrows.  Here’s Jung Yunho being…Jung Yunho.


His character so far is…effing boring! He tries to act like a scholar, which the prince calls him out on. LOL! The problem is, the way he delivers the lines…they’re a little…ummm…flat. He should have waved his hands a little, scowled down the crowd of weirdos… Fire the damn writer! She/he is making Yunho into an idiot! BUT!!!! He comes to life in the action scenes. The battle with the king, practicing on his own… It’s only when he delivers the lines that it becomes… Hell if I know. Is that Jung Yunho? Or is that the character? I think the problem here is Jung Yunho himself. The character Jung Yunho is such a powerful persona that no matter what role he takes on, this boy cannot overcome what he has created out there. So, I have a feeling we will be watching Jung Yunho playing at being a guard in the old times. Will we remember the name of his character? Probably not. You’ll remember that Jung Yunho once played a historical role with incredible fighting choreography that I want to see more of.
PS… What are all those artistic shots of Jung Yunho’s face reflected on the sword for? You’d think this was an ad for swords or something! Stop that and let his abilities come out! I’m getting the feeling that the cinematographer has a Yunho bias. Oh, and if the writers and directors are actually reading this… Let the boy get dirty. Blood here, a bruise there…ya know? He’s too nerdy and clean! Even the prince is more interesting at this point!!!!

KPop and me – Just Us – JYJ album critique part two

Okay. I’ve totally gone in and listened again and again to the whole album. The order isn’t the order that the album plays on. It’s random. But it took me a while to figure out where I’ve heard the songs. Because they sound so incredibly good and somewhat familiar.


2:30 AM – (KPoppy Ballad) – I would have thought it’s something JJ had written.  But the music is something like a dancey-ish tune. 
BABOBOY – R&B primarily –the English is getting better.  Smooth R&B.  Something we’d hear in the 80s from Bell Biv DeVoe.
DAD, YOU THERE? – a cappella-ish – showcases Jaejoongie’s voice stylings very well. R&B.  Definitely New Edition kind of song down to the snapping of fingers kind of sound.  The lyrics (translated) is very nice. 
(YES!  R&B in pop in the 80s was the epitome of the genre IN MY HUMBLE OPINION!  And this is something that compares to that time to that genre.)
DEAR J – This one is a deviation.  It’s not R&B.  It’s K-Pop with a tinge of Rock.  I would have expected this in WWW.
(By the way, is this song supposed to be Dear Jung? Or did Yunho really make the lyrics and told Jae it’s for you.  So Dear J is really Dear Jaejoong?  LOL!  I’m just saying.  Can you tell my flags’ with the YunJae ship? Hahaha!)
LET ME SEE – A cappella all the way through.  It’s a great song!  This is something these boys are really good at.  This kind of song is theirs!  Even without the other two, they make it work.  This is the epitome of their skill.  This kind of song is really great for them.  This is DBSK at its greatest.  I swear.  It would be much more perfect if the other two was there as well, but this is why JYJ has my attention.  Even with just the three of them, this kind of harmony is possible. 
LETTING GO – R&B styling – I thought it was something that Jae had written lyrics for.  It surprised me that Yuchun and Junsu wrote the lyrics for it.  Well, with someone else, but still…  

 SO-SO – This one is very interesting.  I feel like it’s like a gospel song.  It’s A cappella-ish.  If I could find the right song, I swear it’s like a gospel song that I’ve heard before.  I’m telling you, this plays too close to a gospel-like song.  I’m not kidding.  Familiar if you’ve been in a progressive church all this time.  Soothing…
***NoTe: I found it!!! It’s a song called ‘Walking that Line‘ by Acapella (Christian Gospel A cappella Group – of course!)
THIRTY – is a K-Pop rap  song (mostly rap – like some of the songs you’d find in today’s Pop charts.  Mostly rap with a uniting melody.)  It’s a fun rap song.  That’s all I can say.
VALENTINE – urgh.  I swear, the boys can’t take on pure English songs unless it’s something they made themselves.  Because this don’t freaking work for them.  Oh, their voices are still good, but oh, lord, have mercy.  Well, it’s better than the Beginning one, but hello!  The lose the color of their emotions.  And it becomes just another song.  And an inferior one at that.  The rhythm is a bit off as well.  However, Yuchun’s singing voice actually sounds really nice in this one. 
7 YEARS– the only glimpse you have (if you’ve never heard Xiah Junsu in a musical) of the musical voice that was in Elisabeth, Mozart, December and Dracula.  This is Xiah’s best.  The ballad created for a musical.  The simply piano really lends itself to the musical genre of this song.  Fantine’s song in Les Miserables?  It sounds almost like that.  The highs and lows and the petering out of the song towards the end.  Yep.  Sung in the theater and not in stylings of pop artists –  “I Dream a Dream.”
BACK SEAT– K-pop dance.  And it’s okay.  Really.  Definitely something I expect men who are almost 30 to talk about.  The subject matter is risqué.  And I’ve read the protests about how coercive the lyrics are.  Or that it’s not something that JYJ should be singing about.  Urgh.  Really?  With this song, they’re breaking free from the little boy, clean cut image they have so far maintained.  When they come back next it’s going to be men.  And unfortunately for you people looking for clean ‘men’.  Just where have you been? Under a rock? This is what horny 16 year olds to 27 years olds think about.  That is until they get caught with the consequences of their profligate ways.  Then they start writing about other things.  LOL!  Okay, I’m being hard on men.  But seriously, don’t go with a coercive guy who’s telling you to go into their backseat.  Because I bet you if any of the three had said, ‘put you in my back seat.’ You, person that protests, would have gone, ‘Hell ya!  Anytime, big boy!’  So, to those that say the lyrics are a bit too much.  Hmm… I think you girls doth protest too much.
CREATION – sounds almost 70s – fresh.  I swear!  Yeah, it’s a bit more modern, but still.  You know the musical Hair?  That’s what I think this song sounds like.  Manchester England song.  Definitely Rock Musical kind of song in the 70s.  Or rock ballad… Jon Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory or Bed of Roses. It just seems really familiar. And it’s nothing like American Pop or KPop. It might have been Queen’s Bohemian rhapsody. I’m not sure, but the tune is familiar. Something we grew up listening to.
And throughout the whole album, Yuchunnie’s rapping voice…Oh, lord, it’s so deep!  Not hard-hitting deep like Zico’s of BlockB, but a mellow rapping which gives the songs a sort of…chill factor. 

Despite the sometimes awkward English (i.e.: “Boyfriend, which is my name…” Seriously? ), the album has a lot of songs I’d listen to. 

I think I’m currently stuck on untranslated SO-SO and until I solve the puzzle of CREATION, I’ll be stuck on that.

As for the unity, er, what are we? Seven? Where we have to have all of their albums have a unifying thematic congruency? You want unifying? Here’s your unifier. JYJ voices… ‘Nuff said.


If I could describe seduction
It’d be the Tahitian Sun
As it caresses your naked limbs
And warms them in my hands.
Under its blanket, in the sea
You shimmer as you swim to me
Your warmed lips are intoxicating
I have sipped such nectar, such drink
In your kisses I float wanting
As you carry me on the brink
Of sun kissed ecstasy.
The warmth of the Tahitian Sun
Has thawed my frozen soul
As your warm golden eyes burn
Beneath me, you undulate, you roll
And become my siren
My sun baked fall
Ah, heated temptation
Is the Tahitian Sun
Reflected in your embrace
Take me deep within your warmth
And let me languish in your island
Of vibrant seas and warm, warm sand
Let me ride the crest of your unrelenting waves
And send me crashing down, my soul you save
From its frozen sheath…
I return each night in your Tahitian warmth
I return each day to your sun kissed lips
Within your embrace, I feel Tahitian heat
Next to your heart, I feel tropical beat
Embedded into your skin a dark intoxication
And ah, the sweet sweet flame of seduction
It burns so deeply in your golden eyes…

RhB 201403081057A


No one can resist me
No one can hold my sway
I am the hunter, they my prey
I am the harbinger of pain
I am the bringer of rain
I am all that you have lost
And all that they have caused
I am the lightning in your heart
The one that tore it apart
I could bring you into the light
Once you have lost your fight
I can bring you pain
And then I’ll bring you rain
Wash it all away
And break it again today.
RhB 20142907 0827A