KPOP and me – JYJ Just Us – A critique


Let me see, I didn’t like Valentine. But loved CREATION. Instead of telling you what I didn’t like, here are the ones I did like. LETTING GO, LET ME SEE, 2:30 AM, DEAR J, DAD YOU THERE?, & BABOBOY.

The rest of the album… Eeks… Oh, wait… I liked Chunnie’s THIRTY and Junsu’s voice in 7 years old.

It didn’t surprise me that Jae wrote the lyrics to Let Me See. It floored me that Junsu and Yuchun and some other person wrote Letting Go. I figured Yuchun wrote up Dad You There.

I was pleasantly surprised with Baboboy. 

The album is primarily R & B, but a fun one.

Their blending of voices is nice. Especially in Let me See. It feels almost Acapella.

The rest of the album, eh… They’re okay…. With the exception of their Title song. Back Seat.

The lyrics (translated) makes it like a make-out song… But seriously, I’d want to make out to Creation more. There is a somewhat addicting quality to the chorus of the song. And the dancing…. Wait… The gyrations and swinging out of hips and…. Other urm body parts… In the video…. (Who exactly turned up the heat here? Because my mind is mush!) Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t mind being put in their backseats. Yes, yes! Even though Yuchun says “back sit”. The make out falls only because of the beat. It’s faster than what you would like, unless it’s the prelude to the main course.

All in all, the album is pretty good. Just skip over all the rest of the songs except for Creation, Baboboy, and Back Seat. And call over a guy or girl… just someone you want to be sexy with. And play those three all night long. Back Seat, Baboboy then Creation, in this order. It’ll be grand. Make out music, I swear!


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