Of Religion and Death

I think the Christian side of me
Is warring with the Buddhist side of me
And even in that sector
Zen and Tibet does not communicate
At least the Muslim side is quiet
For it is praying towards the east
And my Hindi side went home
The Jewish side has not spoken
To my Greek Orthodox side yet
And if all things are considered
The Druids have gone
and taken me the druid way
Into the foothills of my youthful worship
Of Greek and Roman Bacchanalia
And out into Faerie we had landed
Next to Thor’s Hammer and Odin’s Eye.
Had I mentioned the Shinto side yet?
It resides with Chado and Tao Te Ching
Though the Art of War was more instructive
To my desire to be constructive
I haven’t recovered from the warring state left
By my Confucian side.
I’m ready to throw it out!
Totally confusin’!
And the extremist side of my Christianity
Comes head to head with my heart…

If only Muhammad had talked to Buddha
And memoed Jesus or even Facebooked them
My real self would be peaceful here.
But no!

I’m packing my bags for the universe
And getting off on a star
And if Kunlun is anywhere near
I’ll see Lono and Kane there somewhere
Lyr should follow and Oberon, too.
Cerridwen, Athena, and Kim Junsu…
I need Dracula and Hades
And shinigami Death
For only he levels the playing field…
Religions and everything bows
At his relentless, inevitable pursuit.
They all lie prostrate at his feet
Bargaining, begging for more time.
If there was ever a one truthful god
It is he that reigns over the end of it all…

Ah! Death and all his comrades
Ride on!!!!
We are stuck playing charades.



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