KPOP and me – B2AST – Good Luck


The group BEAST has come up with “Good Luck” and while I downloaded it without listening to it first, when it came out on my playlist, I was blown away.  I had thought Shadow was interesting and so it holds a track on the list.
But this song…. Wow! The English is near perfect.  (I still can’t get over their “hurt sick” in their rap.  Yeah yeah,  I know it’s ‘heart sick’… but EVERYONE in KPOP uses “hurt”.  Advice to them, use “hart” as in “harp” instead as reference to sound out “heart”. And yes, hart is an authentic English word.)
I’m just blown by how catchy the music and words are!  I had to re-listen at least five more times before I allowed the rest of the playlist to continue. Let’s just say that it keeps we awake while number crunching. Yeah, yeah it’s about a break up. But isn’t KPop like that? Anyone going through a breakup? Let’s make a catchy song!!! ‘Kay? ‘Kay!!!!
The video is pretty good.  A good deviation from “Shadow”, but nothing like G-Dragon’s C’oup d’Etat.  And I can’t tell you about the dance because it looks like all the other dances out there that I’ve seen so far.  But it’s fast to keep pace with the song.  Shadow was more visually captivating, I think as a video.  But this song deserves a listen and a space in your playlist this year.  Especially if you’re power walking.


*****Please Note… I do not own any of their images. The came from the internet. Google them.



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