KPOP and me – Taeyang – Rise Album – Eyes Nose Lips


Eyes Nose Lips
I’m listening to Taeyang’s R&B offering.  OMG!  Juxtaposed to his offered Ringa Linga last time, is this as far away from GD as possible already people?  Hell, I really like his Stay with Me as well.  Though definitely Big Bangish… Eyes Nose and Lips showcases Taeyang’s 200 year old Scotch smooth voice.  He’s really made for R&B.  And that video… oooh… the boy is turning into a man… his stance is almost comparable to Jay Park.  Hah!  Although he doesn’ t dance as much as Ringa Linga, I still think the song showcases his voice nicely.    I loved his Ringa Linga videos…   I love his voice in Eyes Nose Lips!

Just read that Taeyang and Teddy had worked on the lyrics. I wonder whose experience they were trying to capture…



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