KPOP and me – JYJ – The Return of the King – a Rant


Ah!  I can’t wait to hear what JYJ has to offer.  Seriously, I can’t.  BUT, this article isn’t about what JYJ has to offer, but a…REPLY… yes, that’s a good word… reply to the article about how the title “The Return of the King” is bringing back the tension between the current duo TVXQ and JYJ.  Let me just explain one thing, the tension had always been there.  And without the tension, you wouldn’t have TVXQ or JYJ.  Wait, let me rephrase that… There would be no TVXQ duo without that tension.  Period. SM played on that card and definitely JYJ, too. People listen to both to compare and contrast because they were once DB5K.
Do I have a JYJ bias?  Yes.  And only because in my mind, JYJ has the better suite of talent than what is left of the current TVXQ.  And of the current TVXQ, the reason why Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin aren’t even on the radar of talent is because they showcase what SM wants them to do.  And the two boys haven’t broken out of that mold.  Or haven’t been allowed to. Yes, they’ve matured (gotten older) and look better in suits nowadays, but their songs are still cookie cutter ones. They also haven’t ventured far from their scripted agendas. Whereas I’m surprised by the offerings from Junsu and Jaejoong and quite delightfully surprised with Yuchun’s growth in acting.
The current TVXQ is on the charts only because there is that tension between TVXQ and JYJ.  They are lucky to have such devoted fans. 
Now as for the title of JYJ’s concert “The Return of the King”, so what if they borrow the concept of TVXQ?  If they really thought about it, they should have said, “The Return of the Gods.” (Now, THAT would have warranted the ranting and raving because JYJ would have pointed out that they are way ABOVE the current TVXQ duo  instead of leveling their status to them.) And it’s not even in plural as if they deliberately left out the “s” so that it is just ONE person.  Is it?  Until I find out what they are offering, I can’t say if the title is true to the form or not.  There are five kings in DBSK or five gods.  While TVXQ is left with two, the title here should have said, “The Return of the KINGS” if they were really taunting SM.  And yes, I think it’s a good taunt towards SM since I don’t think that they aim their arrows at the two who are their brothers even though they’re separated by a stupid power play of a big company afraid of small fry. 
  **** Seriously?  The power of the three together must be THAT BIG to SM that they want to block JYJ at every turn.  Or revenge?  I don’t know.  However I look at it, JYJ must have some major talent power for SM to be SOOO scared of them being in the same programs, doing the same things that all other idols are doing.  Here is the zenith of South Korean mega watt talents, JYJ!  And if you want people to even get any attention to YOUR idols, you have to block these three! This is what I feel SM is saying.  Because all these years, they’re that scared to let the three compete with their talents fairly?  Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu are already turning into their 30s as is Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin.  Their looks and –for some of them passable talents – will be overshadowed by men like Jung Yong Hwa, Jung Joon Young, Big Bang, EXO, BtoB –these guys sound so good as a group!, Block B, etc.) In KPop, nothing is forever.  Your youth only carries  you so far.****
Dong Bang Shin Ki were five gods.  They were the kings of KPop when they were together, for SM to even put in the words “The return of the Kings” when they are no longer five was upsetting or at least to me, irritating.  Okay.  So, C-Jes and the three boys are going to use the same words.  What of it?  I didn’t say a word about the returning kings Changmin and Yunho but only waited for what their album had to offer, which.. well, it’s the same SM stuff that I hear with EXO.  I’d rather listen to EXO.  I want something new from Yunho and Changmin.  Something that says they’re really fit for the crown of Kings, not Princes like EXO. 
Junsu and Jaejoong had proven their mettle.  I’m still waiting for Yuchun, but the other two had come out as Kings in their chosen musical genres.  Hell! Junsu even had a throne in Tantallegra!  And Junsu is playing Dracula in a musical.  Who can top the King of bloodsuckers?
Even with all these hoopla, the phrase “The Return of the King” really should be credited to Tolkien.  But you don’t see him bitching, do you?



5 thoughts on “KPOP and me – JYJ – The Return of the King – a Rant

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  2. I like all that you write. I like JYJ and I’m a fan from 2010 (SKKS). I want to see something new in TVXQ2, too, but… nothing. I’m not agree with the same name (TVXQ) for only 2 members. For me JYJ was and is a theraphy in everything. I want a justice for JYJ! They are the best for me!
    Best wishes for you, from East Europe! Go on to write!

    • Thank You! I know. I agree a bit on the TVX2. It seems superfluous. Oh well.
      They’re under SM and they can’t do much straying away. That’s why I always try to listen to their own songs. So when a solo is said to be out there I go and check who wrote the words and did the music. If its their own, I’ll give it a listen more than once to get the feel of the song. With the exception of November with Love, nothing grabbed my attention.

      • Yes, only November with love. I agree with you. Yunho said that is a hide message in this song.
        Have a good inspiration to write!

      • Sure, there is! Everyone knows it’s a response to “Just Another Girl”. And SM said it was about the kids in Africa. Yup, yup. So… Jaejoongie answered…. And stay tuned to what I have to say. 😉

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