KPOP and me – Block B – Jackpot


Their new offering of JACKPOT visually is…interesting… carnival clowns…What is it with these guys?  They like clowns or something?  The clown masks in Very Good and here again.  Hmmm…
However, we’re talking about the music offering.  Jackpot listens differently.  It hits the same underlying beat that is ubiquitous to their other offerings like Nalina and Nilili Mambo and Very Good, but this time, I swear I hear traces of Rent and Les Miserables in the way it sings through.  Did Zico find himself inspired by Broadway?
However you think of this offering, it’s slightly tricky. The group is known as a hip hop group but no matter how you dice this offering, it’s more than that.  The hard hitting drum beat definitely has the flavor of hip hop, but… there is that OTHER flavor.  It’s like having a chocolate covered strip of bacon for dessert. Or Vanilla ice cream with Salt and Vinegar flavored potato chips.
I, personally, think it’s slightly addictive. 
The sing song one two beat at the beginning and the singing that seems to be a change in pace and different outlook feels like two different characters singing/representing their lines.  Then add the third character, the rapper.  Oooh.  We’ve definitely got Broadway here.  I almost want to juxtapose it next to Rent’s “What You Own” or “Santa Fe.”  Or Les Mis’ “Master of the House.”
Give Jackpot a listen.  See if there is traces of the musical interspersed in its beat. 
In the meantime,  I’m still waiting for something like Bichi Dweyojo (Be the Light) from one of the boys.  Zico?  Taiel?  Hi, boys.  Please?



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