KPOP and me – JYJ Just Us – A critique


Let me see, I didn’t like Valentine. But loved CREATION. Instead of telling you what I didn’t like, here are the ones I did like. LETTING GO, LET ME SEE, 2:30 AM, DEAR J, DAD YOU THERE?, & BABOBOY.

The rest of the album… Eeks… Oh, wait… I liked Chunnie’s THIRTY and Junsu’s voice in 7 years old.

It didn’t surprise me that Jae wrote the lyrics to Let Me See. It floored me that Junsu and Yuchun and some other person wrote Letting Go. I figured Yuchun wrote up Dad You There.

I was pleasantly surprised with Baboboy. 

The album is primarily R & B, but a fun one.

Their blending of voices is nice. Especially in Let me See. It feels almost Acapella.

The rest of the album, eh… They’re okay…. With the exception of their Title song. Back Seat.

The lyrics (translated) makes it like a make-out song… But seriously, I’d want to make out to Creation more. There is a somewhat addicting quality to the chorus of the song. And the dancing…. Wait… The gyrations and swinging out of hips and…. Other urm body parts… In the video…. (Who exactly turned up the heat here? Because my mind is mush!) Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t mind being put in their backseats. Yes, yes! Even though Yuchun says “back sit”. The make out falls only because of the beat. It’s faster than what you would like, unless it’s the prelude to the main course.

All in all, the album is pretty good. Just skip over all the rest of the songs except for Creation, Baboboy, and Back Seat. And call over a guy or girl… just someone you want to be sexy with. And play those three all night long. Back Seat, Baboboy then Creation, in this order. It’ll be grand. Make out music, I swear!

KPOP and me – Kim Jaejoong’s Triangle OST – Though I Hate It – my opinion


“Though I hate it”.  I’m laughing.  I’m sorry.  No, it’s not that Kim Jaejoong doesn’t sing with his heart.  He does, he does!  I swear he does!  But hey sky, answer me!  Isn’t this a response to “November with Love?”
Because I’m waiting.  Because were in love. Remember the words we had promised.  It was really hard, I missed you.  Although I’m selfish because I couldn’t say those words…
Hmmm…   What was it Jung Yunho had asked for in November with Love
Don’t leave me from the place we used to be together… 
So Hey sky, answer me… Is this KJJ’s response?  I’m still waiting… Ooooh…. So…Is YunJae for real or no?  Ha ha ha!

Of Religion and Death

I think the Christian side of me
Is warring with the Buddhist side of me
And even in that sector
Zen and Tibet does not communicate
At least the Muslim side is quiet
For it is praying towards the east
And my Hindi side went home
The Jewish side has not spoken
To my Greek Orthodox side yet
And if all things are considered
The Druids have gone
and taken me the druid way
Into the foothills of my youthful worship
Of Greek and Roman Bacchanalia
And out into Faerie we had landed
Next to Thor’s Hammer and Odin’s Eye.
Had I mentioned the Shinto side yet?
It resides with Chado and Tao Te Ching
Though the Art of War was more instructive
To my desire to be constructive
I haven’t recovered from the warring state left
By my Confucian side.
I’m ready to throw it out!
Totally confusin’!
And the extremist side of my Christianity
Comes head to head with my heart…

If only Muhammad had talked to Buddha
And memoed Jesus or even Facebooked them
My real self would be peaceful here.
But no!

I’m packing my bags for the universe
And getting off on a star
And if Kunlun is anywhere near
I’ll see Lono and Kane there somewhere
Lyr should follow and Oberon, too.
Cerridwen, Athena, and Kim Junsu…
I need Dracula and Hades
And shinigami Death
For only he levels the playing field…
Religions and everything bows
At his relentless, inevitable pursuit.
They all lie prostrate at his feet
Bargaining, begging for more time.
If there was ever a one truthful god
It is he that reigns over the end of it all…

Ah! Death and all his comrades
Ride on!!!!
We are stuck playing charades.


KPOP and me – B2AST – Good Luck


The group BEAST has come up with “Good Luck” and while I downloaded it without listening to it first, when it came out on my playlist, I was blown away.  I had thought Shadow was interesting and so it holds a track on the list.
But this song…. Wow! The English is near perfect.  (I still can’t get over their “hurt sick” in their rap.  Yeah yeah,  I know it’s ‘heart sick’… but EVERYONE in KPOP uses “hurt”.  Advice to them, use “hart” as in “harp” instead as reference to sound out “heart”. And yes, hart is an authentic English word.)
I’m just blown by how catchy the music and words are!  I had to re-listen at least five more times before I allowed the rest of the playlist to continue. Let’s just say that it keeps we awake while number crunching. Yeah, yeah it’s about a break up. But isn’t KPop like that? Anyone going through a breakup? Let’s make a catchy song!!! ‘Kay? ‘Kay!!!!
The video is pretty good.  A good deviation from “Shadow”, but nothing like G-Dragon’s C’oup d’Etat.  And I can’t tell you about the dance because it looks like all the other dances out there that I’ve seen so far.  But it’s fast to keep pace with the song.  Shadow was more visually captivating, I think as a video.  But this song deserves a listen and a space in your playlist this year.  Especially if you’re power walking.


*****Please Note… I do not own any of their images. The came from the internet. Google them.


KPOP and me – Block B – Jackpot


Their new offering of JACKPOT visually is…interesting… carnival clowns…What is it with these guys?  They like clowns or something?  The clown masks in Very Good and here again.  Hmmm…
However, we’re talking about the music offering.  Jackpot listens differently.  It hits the same underlying beat that is ubiquitous to their other offerings like Nalina and Nilili Mambo and Very Good, but this time, I swear I hear traces of Rent and Les Miserables in the way it sings through.  Did Zico find himself inspired by Broadway?
However you think of this offering, it’s slightly tricky. The group is known as a hip hop group but no matter how you dice this offering, it’s more than that.  The hard hitting drum beat definitely has the flavor of hip hop, but… there is that OTHER flavor.  It’s like having a chocolate covered strip of bacon for dessert. Or Vanilla ice cream with Salt and Vinegar flavored potato chips.
I, personally, think it’s slightly addictive. 
The sing song one two beat at the beginning and the singing that seems to be a change in pace and different outlook feels like two different characters singing/representing their lines.  Then add the third character, the rapper.  Oooh.  We’ve definitely got Broadway here.  I almost want to juxtapose it next to Rent’s “What You Own” or “Santa Fe.”  Or Les Mis’ “Master of the House.”
Give Jackpot a listen.  See if there is traces of the musical interspersed in its beat. 
In the meantime,  I’m still waiting for something like Bichi Dweyojo (Be the Light) from one of the boys.  Zico?  Taiel?  Hi, boys.  Please?


KPOP and me – Taeyang – Rise Album – Eyes Nose Lips


Eyes Nose Lips
I’m listening to Taeyang’s R&B offering.  OMG!  Juxtaposed to his offered Ringa Linga last time, is this as far away from GD as possible already people?  Hell, I really like his Stay with Me as well.  Though definitely Big Bangish… Eyes Nose and Lips showcases Taeyang’s 200 year old Scotch smooth voice.  He’s really made for R&B.  And that video… oooh… the boy is turning into a man… his stance is almost comparable to Jay Park.  Hah!  Although he doesn’ t dance as much as Ringa Linga, I still think the song showcases his voice nicely.    I loved his Ringa Linga videos…   I love his voice in Eyes Nose Lips!

Just read that Taeyang and Teddy had worked on the lyrics. I wonder whose experience they were trying to capture…


KPOP and me – JYJ – The Return of the King – a Rant


Ah!  I can’t wait to hear what JYJ has to offer.  Seriously, I can’t.  BUT, this article isn’t about what JYJ has to offer, but a…REPLY… yes, that’s a good word… reply to the article about how the title “The Return of the King” is bringing back the tension between the current duo TVXQ and JYJ.  Let me just explain one thing, the tension had always been there.  And without the tension, you wouldn’t have TVXQ or JYJ.  Wait, let me rephrase that… There would be no TVXQ duo without that tension.  Period. SM played on that card and definitely JYJ, too. People listen to both to compare and contrast because they were once DB5K.
Do I have a JYJ bias?  Yes.  And only because in my mind, JYJ has the better suite of talent than what is left of the current TVXQ.  And of the current TVXQ, the reason why Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin aren’t even on the radar of talent is because they showcase what SM wants them to do.  And the two boys haven’t broken out of that mold.  Or haven’t been allowed to. Yes, they’ve matured (gotten older) and look better in suits nowadays, but their songs are still cookie cutter ones. They also haven’t ventured far from their scripted agendas. Whereas I’m surprised by the offerings from Junsu and Jaejoong and quite delightfully surprised with Yuchun’s growth in acting.
The current TVXQ is on the charts only because there is that tension between TVXQ and JYJ.  They are lucky to have such devoted fans. 
Now as for the title of JYJ’s concert “The Return of the King”, so what if they borrow the concept of TVXQ?  If they really thought about it, they should have said, “The Return of the Gods.” (Now, THAT would have warranted the ranting and raving because JYJ would have pointed out that they are way ABOVE the current TVXQ duo  instead of leveling their status to them.) And it’s not even in plural as if they deliberately left out the “s” so that it is just ONE person.  Is it?  Until I find out what they are offering, I can’t say if the title is true to the form or not.  There are five kings in DBSK or five gods.  While TVXQ is left with two, the title here should have said, “The Return of the KINGS” if they were really taunting SM.  And yes, I think it’s a good taunt towards SM since I don’t think that they aim their arrows at the two who are their brothers even though they’re separated by a stupid power play of a big company afraid of small fry. 
  **** Seriously?  The power of the three together must be THAT BIG to SM that they want to block JYJ at every turn.  Or revenge?  I don’t know.  However I look at it, JYJ must have some major talent power for SM to be SOOO scared of them being in the same programs, doing the same things that all other idols are doing.  Here is the zenith of South Korean mega watt talents, JYJ!  And if you want people to even get any attention to YOUR idols, you have to block these three! This is what I feel SM is saying.  Because all these years, they’re that scared to let the three compete with their talents fairly?  Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu are already turning into their 30s as is Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin.  Their looks and –for some of them passable talents – will be overshadowed by men like Jung Yong Hwa, Jung Joon Young, Big Bang, EXO, BtoB –these guys sound so good as a group!, Block B, etc.) In KPop, nothing is forever.  Your youth only carries  you so far.****
Dong Bang Shin Ki were five gods.  They were the kings of KPop when they were together, for SM to even put in the words “The return of the Kings” when they are no longer five was upsetting or at least to me, irritating.  Okay.  So, C-Jes and the three boys are going to use the same words.  What of it?  I didn’t say a word about the returning kings Changmin and Yunho but only waited for what their album had to offer, which.. well, it’s the same SM stuff that I hear with EXO.  I’d rather listen to EXO.  I want something new from Yunho and Changmin.  Something that says they’re really fit for the crown of Kings, not Princes like EXO. 
Junsu and Jaejoong had proven their mettle.  I’m still waiting for Yuchun, but the other two had come out as Kings in their chosen musical genres.  Hell! Junsu even had a throne in Tantallegra!  And Junsu is playing Dracula in a musical.  Who can top the King of bloodsuckers?
Even with all these hoopla, the phrase “The Return of the King” really should be credited to Tolkien.  But you don’t see him bitching, do you?