The Call of Lono


In ancient paths I travel
To the circles of the Makahiki
To the blue of wind and water
To the wilds of Hawaii
And on its shore he calls for me
In chanting rhythmic drums
Of falling rain
And on its shores he welcomes me
With leis of wafting fragrance
And falling rain
Ancient mele come and sing
The praises of the king
Ancient hula sway and swing
To the rhythm of hearts beating
O, Lono, come and answer
Come and hear their prayer
Grant for us the life giving water
Grant this, our long ago father
Lono calls us to the dance
And gives us our chance
To feel the life of once before
And take our peace like that of yore
In ancient kapu grounds
Mele and hula sounds
Drumbeats all beckon
To our secret wild abandon
And set our spirits free
From being you and me.

RhB 20120108 0848A


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