I am a broken piece that dares to stand. 
I have gone into the fire and it was grand. 
My life has been lived on shifting sands. 
There was violence and troubles
and many rosy bubbles.
 Innocence was taken
long before it should have been. 
I’ve been at the bottom and clawed my way back out. 
In the midst of depression, I  know what I’m talking about. 
I’ve been used,
I’ve been abused. 
And all this knowledge, of what is its use? 
Betrayed, beguiled, beheaded… 
Thrown away like so much garbage. 
I have walked on empty roads
and searched the deepest clouds. 
And the sea is full of my tears alone. 
And no one dares atone.
Victim of circumstance,
Child of happenstance…
I am that which no one speaks of…
The black sheep in the family…
I am you and you are me,
A broken soul that dares to stand
Among the broken things lying in that sand
Skipping to an unheard band
Among people willing to pull me down
to keep me lying on the ground…
And I am not alone…
RhB 201409050107P
Note:  I want a better essay for this.  The exploration of human brokenness and why some stay down and some get up.  I write in the premise that all of us broke sometime ago.  And no matter how we clean it, some part of us will always be so.  We wouldn’t be human if we are too whole.


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