KPOP and Me – Kim Jaejoong and TRIANGLE


I’m hearing a lot of buzz concerning this drama. Wow! They say he’s transforming himself into tough guy mode. Huh. Didn’t that start when he put out I then WWW? I hear that besides the 3 brothers angle, there’s also the love story triangle. I wonder if they’ll use Just Another Girl for that scene when Jaejoongie’ s character gets rejected and he cries’ after drinking the whole store’s worth of soju.  Doesn’t that happen too often? However, I’m looking forward to this guy. Hopefully, we see the same emotionalism that was shown in Dr. Jin. Can’t wait to see just how bloody they’ll make the man. They said it will be his last drama before he leaves for service. Damn. Hope he leaves us with memories that lasts through two years.
The drama stills already provides us with downloadable material. Here’s my favorite. This was taken from JYJ3 website.



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