Summer Idyll

A tall drink of sighs
In the summer height
Of heated temps
And unending light
Drown me in memories
Of cold sprinkler rain
And scented roses
where we had lain
Fairy lights blink
And gather round
The magic rink
Of faire elven mound
Heated lips touch
And captured
Breathing magic
We are enraptured
Cooling breeze stirs
Passionate rustling
Of hands and fingers
And a summer evening
A wedding under stars
Dripping down like a blessing
from a velvety sky
Souls start to sing
It is summer, summer night
Unending delight
Keeping in sight
Letโ€™s run hand in hand
Under star and moonlight
And scatter fairy light
And dance to whispering breezes
Of an unseen bandโ€ฆ
RhB 201414041253P


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