KPOP and me – CNBLUE – Jung Yong Hwa -solo?


The news that Jung Yonghwa is going solo fills me with trepidation.  I’m proud that the boy can do it and I have no doubt that he could since he’s so talented in this way.  The questions that have me sitting on pins and needles is what it means for CNBLUE and the other members of CNBLUE.  Are they ready to go solo, each of the members?  I hate to say it, but Lee Jong Hyun might be ready and perhaps Kang Min Hyuk, but I don’t know about Lee Jung Shin.  I haven’t heard any more compositions from Kang Min Hyuk since that OST.  And the ones that I heard from Lee Jong Hyun were mostly the Japanese album ones.  Is CNBLUE going to disband now that they’ve reached a milestone?  Is Jung YongHwa going in the way of Big Bang’s G-Dragon?  Will he still be able to do double duty as a solo performer and leader of CNBLUE? 
Arrgghhh!  Yes, I know that I should wish Jung Yonghwa all the best in his solo endeavors, but I like CNBLUE as a whole.  I have no doubt that Jung Yonghwa will do very well as a solo artist.  So, I’m just worried that my favorite boy band in KPop will suddenly disband, the members going their own way each.  I’m worried that my favorite people in CNBLUE will be lost in the shuffle.  I hope that’s not the case. Especially since they’re so hot at the moment. Maybe this will be a push for the other members to be their own people. CNBLUE’s songs were just so addictive. Ah, well. This is KPOP. Someone else is always waiting to take their place. I just hope CNBLUE stays together somehow.


9 thoughts on “KPOP and me – CNBLUE – Jung Yong Hwa -solo?

  1. you…. this is exactly how I feel. i really hope yonghwa can do double, I really dont want them to disband. they are so amazing as a whole

      • I agree with you dude… I don’t want them also to be disband… We all know that they can soar high individually because of their amazing talent, but please God don’t let them be separated… Each of us have our own bias on that group, and you’re right,,,,, we really really love them also as a whole.
        Anyway, I’ve watched some of their videos in youtube and Jung Shin is fantastic while singing… (: #JUNGYONGHWARocks

  2. Hi. I just stumbled on your blog while searching for CNBlue’s discography. While I was typing that into Google one of the suggestions was “cnblue disband”. So that brought me here. This comment might get a little long, so sorry in advance. 🙂 I am very new to kpop and korean culture. I’ve watched Mnet America on and off for the last year or so and saw the Go! CNBlue special a couple of months ago which really piqued my interest. Since then I have been obsessed. I’ve bought as many of the CDs as I could and most of the DVDs. And watched all of the concerts on YT while waiting for the DVDs, found the subtitled version of Never Stop…etc. And I’ve spent a lot of time reading and watching interviews and even the dumb variety shows. The whole 9 yards.

    When I first read about YH’s solo album in January I have to admit that my first thought was “this is the beginning of the end”. I go from being very worried about the future of the band to being less worried sometimes. I read someplace that they all signed new contracts last year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the band will stay together. Now that One Fine Day has done so well (especially in China but all over) I think that is one more nail in the band’s coffin. If it hadn’t been such a success along with winning all of those countdown shows, selling out the Asia concert tour so fast, etc. then it might have caused a bit of a withdrawal. But now I think it will be full speed ahead for JYH solo. Some of the things he’s said about the songs and the direction he wants to go and how he couldn’t do these songs with the band I think foreshadow where things are going. Frankly even Can’t Stop is much more in line with OFD than the rest of the band’s catalog. While I wouldn’t want them trapped in a box where they have to keep making the same music over and over, it felt like a big departure to me.

    FNC has apparently said that JH will put out a solo album next year. I think that’s another nail in the coffin. Or at least it says to me the band is going to be on hiatus for a while. Between the two of them composing for themselves rather than for the band, it will take a while before the songs are there for the band. They’re at the point now, I think, where the band needs to keep writing a big majority of its own songs to stay credible and viable. I think JH is much harder to like. His personality is much more reserved and he seems more moody. My guess is that he won’t be as enamored of going solo as YH clearly is. So I think he won’t be nearly as successful on his own. His voice is very distinctive too and isn’t as “mainstream”. The Boice will support him no matter what but I don’t think his personality lends itself to the promotion he will need to do.

    They all seem to be doing a lot more on their own these days. MH is acting and doing more TV shows. JS is doing more acting and I guess will be one of the hosts of one of the big countdown shows soon. JH has been adding a lot more acting to his plate as well. While they’ve always had these outside things pulling on their time and energy this feels like it’s being ramped up a bit. Even if they want to record or tour when will they have any time?

    Sorry this is just a long brain dump. But if you got this far…now that the album is out and the solo tour has begun what are your thoughts? I guess they went to Japan for a few days recently to record or do some kind of promo stuff. That made me hopeful (especially since I like the Japanese albums more anyway). I wonder how much time is left on the Warner Japan deal.

    I suppose there have been some bands in the past that managed to stick together even while some members did solo albums, I think the list is pretty short. Maybe K-pop is different? I just don’t know enough about it, I guess. I think maybe for the dance bands or groups that don’t write their own songs it is a different story.

    OK, I’ll shut up now. 🙂 cheers!

    • KPop works almost the same. They’ll do one or two more albums together, but unless you hear of a Korean album in the coming year… I don’t think it will happen. Five years is a line in the sand for a lot of idols. So, before then,most do something else. Others like TVX2, JYJ Shinwa, and Super Junior are legends. They’ve lasted past that. BigBang as well, but up to now, no BigBang come back. So you can wait. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. Of the four I like Kang Minhyuk. And love Lee Jonghyun’s voice and ballad compositions. In terms of talent, Jonghyun and Yonghwa are equal. Except that Jonghyun is shier while Yonghwa is dynamic.

      • I think that makes sense.

        I believe I like MinHyuk best too. I think his drumming is underrated to an extent. And he just seems so genuinely sweet. I also love JungShin though. I like the fact that he is so into photography like I am. I could see him end up doing something related to that once the music stops.

        Seems a shame to throw it all away just when they were hitting a stride with a chance of really going huge. Who knows what the dynamics on the inside are really like. But they all certainly seem to support each other completely. And on stage there appears to be a lot of joy. But maybe the constant grind just isn’t sustainable. These companies work these kids to death which I believe burns them out.

  3. I saw a rumor that the schedule for the rest of the year calls for a Korean comeback in August and China tour by the band in September. I am headed to Japan next month for the shows in Yokohama. So even if they break up I will get to see them in person. 🙂

    Of course there are several more OFD shows and these FNC Kingdom festivals that the band is participating in in Korea and Hong Kong.

  4. I love CNBlue as a whole, hope they will not be disbanded. I love to see Jung Yonghwa performing with other group members.

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