I Heard…

I heard that you’re hurting
You let me know of your pain
A one liner of an email
And I didn’t know what to do
My heart hurts too
It hurts for you
And I’m at a loss…
I wish that I was by your side
That I could cradle you in my arms
And lend you my shoulders
And keep you from harm
I wish that I was holding you
As you cry yourself to sleep
And shadow your every move
As you watch your family weep
And then let go of the hand
That needs to be strong for others
I can only convey my wishes here…
I am sorry for the pain
That life has thus inflicted
I am sorry, too
For the chasm
That you and I
Dare not bridge…
If all I can do
is cry your tears for you,
then that’s what I’ll do…

RhB 20142803 0650A
For Li Shang of Mulan fame 🙂


4 thoughts on “I Heard…

  1. “For the chasm
    That you and I
    Dare not bridge…”

    I really like this post, but I plead ignorance. Is this about the Disney Character? (I really know very little of Disney stuff)

    What does the verse I quoted above mean? What chasm? China? Politics? Culture?
    Lovely writing rhb.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • This friend and I have some kind of history where we dance around each other, but never really connect like THAT. There is some line we’ve drawn in the sand and we do not dare walk across. Sometimes I think I dance across it, but always flit back to my side. And Yes, I’ve called the person after the Disney Character because… The personalities are similar. Nothing to do with Disney except the the character personalities were similar.

      • Now makes much more sense to me.
        Thank you.
        I love your stuff by the way, even when I don’t completely get it.
        (I should always ask, right?)

      • Definitely. Ask… how else do you get answers?
        And thank you!
        I always look forward to your comments!

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