KPop and Me – CNBLUE


Typical of CNBLUE, Can’t Stop is a good song. But one surprise where their voices are flawless together,  Jung Yong Hwa’s Love is… Ouch.  I almost cried.  Damn you, Jung Yong Hwa for creating a lyrically emotional ode!  And damn you, Lee Jong Hyun for leading that dratted song in that voice of yours!  And then damn both of you for singing it so flawlessly!  It is now one of the songs I keep looking to listen to at least once a day.
I would like to correct one English phrase from Lee Jong Hyun’s Sleepless Night.  Otherwise, WOW!  Lee Jong Hyun!  Very nice.  I have great hopes for your poetic soul! Instead of ‘Sweet my love’, it should be ‘My Sweet Love’.  It’ll work better. 
I can’t say that Can’t Stop is a song that really captures my attention at first listen.  But Love is… Definitely.  Like a Child and Cold Love also captures my attention.  The other one, Diamond Girl doesn’t really have space on my list of songs I’d listen to.  Because it doesn’t really capture my attention. Cold Love is more interesting than Can’t Stop, in my opinion.  Considering that I’m actually liking a lot of the songs on this mini album, I’d say it’s a great compliment to CNBLUE.  The arrangement of the instruments of Like a Child is familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.  It sounds like something from Classical Music. 
My goodness!  I love this whole album with the exception of Can’t Stop (and even that one grows on you.) and Diamond Girl.  I still can’t like Diamond girl.  But as of the seventh listen to Can’t Stop, it’s sort of growing on me.  Let me stop here and let me go put Love is…on an endless rotation with Sleepless Night and Cold Love.


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