Courtship Dance

Your eyes met mine
Against my consent
I, spellbound, reach
And clutch at air
While wily, you leap away
A rush of blood
Your cheekbones flood
Mine as well, I think
This never ending dance
Of you and I
We meet by chance
Or happenstance
A wary circumstance
We avoid each other’s gaze
To shield from questing eye
Lest the embers burn ablaze
Between you and I
And in the instance
We burst to flames
At the touch
Of our breathe
Against each other’s lips
As much as skin slides to skin
And traces paths of fire
This blatant desire
Pools within
Like a roiling sea
And on its wanton waves
We fall and burn
For we are those
That burst to flames
When breathe and breathe
Meet at the touch
Of lips and tongue…

RhB 201403160705A


2 thoughts on “Courtship Dance

    • The post was nice. You are right first kisses are nice. But I like first kisses with someone who knows what they’re doing. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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