KPOP and Me – TVXQ – Jung Yunho


The repackaged album of TVXQ, Spellbound, was ehhh. Until I came across this song. November With Love.
I’m intrigued with this song.  First off, I didn’t expect such a heartfelt ballad coming out from Jung Yunho.  Second, I didn’t expect him to sing it with such passion.  Each stressed out word was dripping in sadness.  This is a great surprise! I didn’t expect such depth to the singer.
I expected another dance tune which either makes me cringe because it’s beginning to sound so factory churned.  TVXQ’s  “Something” and the new one, “Spellbound”, wasn’t anything special.  Of course, die-hard fans would have something to say about it.  Like, I can’t hear worth crap or something.  However, in my opinion, most of the songs in the album sound like something EXO would sing.  If I can pinpoint where TVXQ’s songs are sounding like their labelmates’ songs, then that means the management doesn’t really care about the uniqueness that was supposed to be TVXQ.
Out of the whole album, this is the one that captured my interest.  Without even being translated.  The translations, unfortunately, brought more questions.  Oooops!  I shouldn’t have looked for the translations, but the emotions that dripped out of the song was too much for me to handle.  I NEEDED to know what Yunho was emoting about.  Aaargghh!  Now, ah, just like a few hundred questions came up from WWW (Kim Jaejoong’s album), this one deliciously intriguing song has got me spinning theories in my head.
Although I can only say that Yunho’s emotional voice sounded a bit like a mix of JYJ’s voices in the song  In Heaven. Ah, but it’s nice to hear him opening his heart.  The song chords are simple, but it works too good, too nice with his voice.  And the words.  Damn, boy!  Good job!  I like poetic people and the words are poetic enough.  Certainly the imagery provided by the translators were poetic. 
I hope to hear more of this kind of songs from Jung Yunho.  Either written or sung.  If this is what he’s capable of doing, I’m definitely waiting to hear more.
Now for some YunJae shippers.  Well, it intrigued me that the song was out there just a few days and someone had already taken it and made a video with YunJae spread across the song track.  I had predicted that was going to happen.  What I wanted to talk about was… Is there anyone out there who connected that November with Love is an answer to one of the songs in WWW?  I’m discarding any of the songs that Kim Jaejoong didn’t write the lyrics himself, but there are 9 other songs from that album alone that he did write.  10 if you include Just Another Girl because he co-wrote some of those words.  So which song is this song responding to?  LOL!  Let me go crazy.. Give me some answers. 🙂


8 thoughts on “KPOP and Me – TVXQ – Jung Yunho

  1. Our fans are far, we strongly hope that the shooting had between Yunho and Jaejoong together. romantic scenes are very stressed! Please no matter what happens Jaejoong is Yunho’s only one.

    • I hope so. Have you read my other piece? YunJae – a Rant…. Because it’s definitely about them. And that only the two seem perfect together.

  2. Just read the news: Jung Yunho’s currently working on his first solo mini album titled “U Know Y”. He is writing, producing and composing his songs. IDK why but this album will only be released in Japan.

    • Can’t wait to hear. It will be in Japanese. Perhaps if it does well in Japan, they’ll do a Korean version. The music the do in Japan, IN MY HUMBE OPINION!!!!, is often better than the Korean ones. With some notable exceptions… If he brings his heart to this solo, it will definitely translate. I will want it in my music rotation. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be waiting to hear it!

  3. Me and my daughter just finished watching the new web drama titled I Order You. The main lead is Jung Yunho. He is a good actor overall from the good eye acting to different facial expressions to the natural crying scenes. We had no idea he’s a singer because we don’t listen to K-pop music. From non-fans like us, we think his acting is good and look forward to more of him as the male lead of full length K-dramas next time after he returns from the army.

    • I think this drama was pretty fine for him. The thing is, this is the Jung Yunho! I expect a lot out of him. I think people have figured that I love all the men in Dong Bang Shin Ki. I’m angry that they broke up. And ever since then, I truly expect a lot from Jung Yunho. After all he is SM’s golden boy. So, singing and acting, I tend to criticize him. I can’t criticize his dancing, though. He moves to the music so fluidly, I’m left in awe. Since I know he can do it, I hope he keeps improving. This was definitely a vast improvement from the first tense episodes of TNWM’s Journal.

    • For me, the first was Yuchun in SKKS (KBSWorld, 2010). I’ve watched another kdramas before this, but not an artist was like him. Not for me. I liked him very much. I didn’t known who is he and I was curious about him. Thanks to Yuchun I descovered JYJ /& TVXQ.

      • Video of them singing Doushite in Japan… And Jaejoongie’s voice drew me in. LOL! That was the start of my DBSK obsession.

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