KPOP and me – CNBLUE – Jung Yong Hwa -solo?


The news that Jung Yonghwa is going solo fills me with trepidation.  I’m proud that the boy can do it and I have no doubt that he could since he’s so talented in this way.  The questions that have me sitting on pins and needles is what it means for CNBLUE and the other members of CNBLUE.  Are they ready to go solo, each of the members?  I hate to say it, but Lee Jong Hyun might be ready and perhaps Kang Min Hyuk, but I don’t know about Lee Jung Shin.  I haven’t heard any more compositions from Kang Min Hyuk since that OST.  And the ones that I heard from Lee Jong Hyun were mostly the Japanese album ones.  Is CNBLUE going to disband now that they’ve reached a milestone?  Is Jung YongHwa going in the way of Big Bang’s G-Dragon?  Will he still be able to do double duty as a solo performer and leader of CNBLUE? 
Arrgghhh!  Yes, I know that I should wish Jung Yonghwa all the best in his solo endeavors, but I like CNBLUE as a whole.  I have no doubt that Jung Yonghwa will do very well as a solo artist.  So, I’m just worried that my favorite boy band in KPop will suddenly disband, the members going their own way each.  I’m worried that my favorite people in CNBLUE will be lost in the shuffle.  I hope that’s not the case. Especially since they’re so hot at the moment. Maybe this will be a push for the other members to be their own people. CNBLUE’s songs were just so addictive. Ah, well. This is KPOP. Someone else is always waiting to take their place. I just hope CNBLUE stays together somehow.


I Heard…

I heard that you’re hurting
You let me know of your pain
A one liner of an email
And I didn’t know what to do
My heart hurts too
It hurts for you
And I’m at a loss…
I wish that I was by your side
That I could cradle you in my arms
And lend you my shoulders
And keep you from harm
I wish that I was holding you
As you cry yourself to sleep
And shadow your every move
As you watch your family weep
And then let go of the hand
That needs to be strong for others
I can only convey my wishes here…
I am sorry for the pain
That life has thus inflicted
I am sorry, too
For the chasm
That you and I
Dare not bridge…
If all I can do
is cry your tears for you,
then that’s what I’ll do…

RhB 20142803 0650A
For Li Shang of Mulan fame 🙂


The car didn’t start right
I should have known
The wind was awfully light
And frigid cold blowin’
There was sun, I think
Right by the kitchen sink
It was hot, that day
I didn’t want to stay
There was something bothering
The back of my throat
I coughed, wondering
If there was a boat
That could take me somewhere
Far beyond there
My eyes were prickly
Must be the pollen
My head was sickly
Headache all of a sudden
There lay on my breast
A heavier burden
Ah, a pillow to rest
My will that’s fallen
How absurd, how absurd!
Have you heard?
The quiet thud of a heart
Breaking apart?
RhB 20112209

KPop and Me – CNBLUE


Typical of CNBLUE, Can’t Stop is a good song. But one surprise where their voices are flawless together,  Jung Yong Hwa’s Love is… Ouch.  I almost cried.  Damn you, Jung Yong Hwa for creating a lyrically emotional ode!  And damn you, Lee Jong Hyun for leading that dratted song in that voice of yours!  And then damn both of you for singing it so flawlessly!  It is now one of the songs I keep looking to listen to at least once a day.
I would like to correct one English phrase from Lee Jong Hyun’s Sleepless Night.  Otherwise, WOW!  Lee Jong Hyun!  Very nice.  I have great hopes for your poetic soul! Instead of ‘Sweet my love’, it should be ‘My Sweet Love’.  It’ll work better. 
I can’t say that Can’t Stop is a song that really captures my attention at first listen.  But Love is… Definitely.  Like a Child and Cold Love also captures my attention.  The other one, Diamond Girl doesn’t really have space on my list of songs I’d listen to.  Because it doesn’t really capture my attention. Cold Love is more interesting than Can’t Stop, in my opinion.  Considering that I’m actually liking a lot of the songs on this mini album, I’d say it’s a great compliment to CNBLUE.  The arrangement of the instruments of Like a Child is familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.  It sounds like something from Classical Music. 
My goodness!  I love this whole album with the exception of Can’t Stop (and even that one grows on you.) and Diamond Girl.  I still can’t like Diamond girl.  But as of the seventh listen to Can’t Stop, it’s sort of growing on me.  Let me stop here and let me go put Love is…on an endless rotation with Sleepless Night and Cold Love.

Courtship Dance

Your eyes met mine
Against my consent
I, spellbound, reach
And clutch at air
While wily, you leap away
A rush of blood
Your cheekbones flood
Mine as well, I think
This never ending dance
Of you and I
We meet by chance
Or happenstance
A wary circumstance
We avoid each other’s gaze
To shield from questing eye
Lest the embers burn ablaze
Between you and I
And in the instance
We burst to flames
At the touch
Of our breathe
Against each other’s lips
As much as skin slides to skin
And traces paths of fire
This blatant desire
Pools within
Like a roiling sea
And on its wanton waves
We fall and burn
For we are those
That burst to flames
When breathe and breathe
Meet at the touch
Of lips and tongue…

RhB 201403160705A


I have lost my muse
My mind is blank
She left me with nothing
Nothing to use
It was Friday when she came
And left shortly thereafter
I thought it was a game
I haven’t heard her laughter
I sit on this tavern
Nursing a drink
No words I can capture
I’m truly on the brink
I wonder where she went
That winsome happy muse
Who tried each moment
To delight and amuse
To play with my emotions
And my words to abuse
I haven’t heard a tinkle
I haven’t seen a twinkle
So I sit in this corner
As the dark clouds gather
No poetry I can conjure
No words I can gather
This is of no use
I am without a muse…
RhB 201406030841A

KPOP and Me – TVXQ – Jung Yunho


The repackaged album of TVXQ, Spellbound, was ehhh. Until I came across this song. November With Love.
I’m intrigued with this song.  First off, I didn’t expect such a heartfelt ballad coming out from Jung Yunho.  Second, I didn’t expect him to sing it with such passion.  Each stressed out word was dripping in sadness.  This is a great surprise! I didn’t expect such depth to the singer.
I expected another dance tune which either makes me cringe because it’s beginning to sound so factory churned.  TVXQ’s  “Something” and the new one, “Spellbound”, wasn’t anything special.  Of course, die-hard fans would have something to say about it.  Like, I can’t hear worth crap or something.  However, in my opinion, most of the songs in the album sound like something EXO would sing.  If I can pinpoint where TVXQ’s songs are sounding like their labelmates’ songs, then that means the management doesn’t really care about the uniqueness that was supposed to be TVXQ.
Out of the whole album, this is the one that captured my interest.  Without even being translated.  The translations, unfortunately, brought more questions.  Oooops!  I shouldn’t have looked for the translations, but the emotions that dripped out of the song was too much for me to handle.  I NEEDED to know what Yunho was emoting about.  Aaargghh!  Now, ah, just like a few hundred questions came up from WWW (Kim Jaejoong’s album), this one deliciously intriguing song has got me spinning theories in my head.
Although I can only say that Yunho’s emotional voice sounded a bit like a mix of JYJ’s voices in the song  In Heaven. Ah, but it’s nice to hear him opening his heart.  The song chords are simple, but it works too good, too nice with his voice.  And the words.  Damn, boy!  Good job!  I like poetic people and the words are poetic enough.  Certainly the imagery provided by the translators were poetic. 
I hope to hear more of this kind of songs from Jung Yunho.  Either written or sung.  If this is what he’s capable of doing, I’m definitely waiting to hear more.
Now for some YunJae shippers.  Well, it intrigued me that the song was out there just a few days and someone had already taken it and made a video with YunJae spread across the song track.  I had predicted that was going to happen.  What I wanted to talk about was… Is there anyone out there who connected that November with Love is an answer to one of the songs in WWW?  I’m discarding any of the songs that Kim Jaejoong didn’t write the lyrics himself, but there are 9 other songs from that album alone that he did write.  10 if you include Just Another Girl because he co-wrote some of those words.  So which song is this song responding to?  LOL!  Let me go crazy.. Give me some answers. 🙂