Prisons We built Ourselves

We are beings free and infinite
Until we are not…
We buy into the religion of shackles
And myriad prison houses
And make of ourselves slaves
And turn ourselves into prisoners
Behind the choices we had somehow made
To be one or another…
Bartering with the devil…
And bargaining our lives away…
To the sacrifice of freedom
We built our houses and our kingdoms
Many horses we have wasted
Believing it was freedom we tasted
Possessions possess us
And we are driven mad
For with the many possessions
We make ourselves prisoners
In the very prisons we created
Houses, they call them…
I’ve seen my own…
Four corners, a bed, a throne…
The bars of security
To keep me safe and warm
Somehow seems like bars
That keep everyone else out
Isolated we become
Prisoners of technology
In the world wide economy
We say we’ve seen them all
Have never stepped outside my hall
Not answering the global call
My presence isn’t needed in Brazil
I can browse about it on the sill
No need to visit my San Francisco friend
From Seattle I can join the Facebook trend
Argh!  The clothes I wear
And the trinkets in my hair
Have become a giant headache
Of revolving giant credit
Another heavy ball to place on me
That should have already been free
That day you married me
I found it was captivity
I didn’t realize I traded this
For an unsecured promise…
Forever after was supposed to be freeing
Now it seems like we lied, I’m freezing
Within this cold cold bed
And cavernous house instead
I while away the hours of this sentence
With distractions most apt
Debating on a borrowed screen
With borrowed ideas rapt
At being seemingly free…
Expression of thought, of heart
No one I know is really free
We all have chains and shackles, see
Some are just more visible that others.
RhB 201402120829A


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